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Writer, poet, musician, wanna-be-botanist.
Sleep deprived.
Call me a monster, I put milk in before the cereal.
I'm probably eating ramen right now or having a mental breakdown.
Imagine having an aesthetic bio
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idk what am i writing at 11 pm?


November 18, 2020


with every inch of his strength, 
he crawls toward the gates of paradise 
an undressed child clings to his side
the mass he carries is unbearable
and wealthy drug dealers continue to pull
at his feet, luring him to the web 
of desparation and a false hope of paradise. 


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  • woven_moth

    Re: ok that was a lot lol, my bad....

    10 months ago
  • woven_moth

    Re: aw thanks! Nature is great, and understanding it (biology), is especially great. :) ah yes, the romantic and impressionist eras of music are so beautiful! I totally get what you mean by people getting bored of it-- there is a bit of a learning curve, but it's so fun!
    Wow, you have such an impressive repertoire °0° le coucou is great. I used to take piano lessons, since I've stopped, its been difficult keeping up learning any classical pieces. But I am learning moonlight sonata third movement, it is an absolute nightmare haha. But I love it. I play nocturne in c sharp minor. Then lots of Björk songs (if u don't know who she is, she is an absolute music genius lol). Then radiohead and arctic monkeys songs. Sally's song, from The Nightmare Before Christmas haha. Love that movie. Revolving door, then other songs are ones I've made up, so yup. That's that haha. In conclusion: piano is wonderful lol

    10 months ago
  • Century Friend

    Replying: Thank you so much! I'm actually doing great at the moment, how are you?

    10 months ago