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Favorite Characters: Newt, Chuck, Minho, & Eres.
Here are some things that my uncle (17) and sister (8) added to the piece as I was writing XD:
Who else would have sent them here? That is what I thought at first, then I turned around and saw bigffot. He was parachuting off a building.
Seems cruel, doesn’t it? Not to me. I was happy that this has happened. No moretaxes.
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Seems cruel, doesn’t it? Putting teenagers in a cage like sausages.
There they sat me down and explained some things. and suddenly I looked down and saw a wild werido coming out of the ground wow! I exclaimed
Oh, and I finished the third movie!!!! It was SO good! There'll be long moments of silence at our house, then one of us will bring up Maze Runner again XD. But I'm still mourning the loss of two of my favorite characters. The one who jumped in front of a brother to be killed by another. And the one who killed himself to save that same brother. You live on in my heart. Forever.
But, seriously, I teared up when the first one died, and I cried when Thomas read the last one's letter XC. (I still have mixed feelings about the person who fell off a building. I hated them for most of the third movie.)
And this is the first time I've plotted out a story before XD. I wrote it down and everything!
And I've been told the Trigger Warning really should be a Spoiler Alert. Sorry.

The Newbie & the Maze #1: And The Cage Arrives

November 27, 2020


Trigger Warning: This is a fanfiction series based on the first Maze Runner movie, originally written by James Dashner​ and directed by Wes Ball. If you have not seen the first movie, this will contain spoilers. The footnotes also contain information from the trailer for Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. I cannot testify for what the books do/don't contain, or if this will contain spoilers from the book.

Day 1 

   I woke up here. Well, I woke up on the way here. I was in this… big, metal cage. And it was shooting me upward. Lights were flashing between the bars. There were boxes all around me in mishap piles. I started to freak out. Jumped to feet, but I tripped over a box and fell, cutting my lip. My nose was dangerously close to the bars and the flashing lights, and I knew I didn’t want to go any further. I scrambled back, crouching in the middle of the cage. I was breathing so hard, my lip swelling, panic coursing through me. 

   Then it stopped. 

   With a jolt, the box stopped moving. I heard loud noises above me and got scared. Who were they? What is going on? Tears of panic and fear welled up in my eyes. Whoever was above me opened the top of the cage, light spilling in. I was blinded for a second, instinctively putting my hand up to the sun. I couldn’t hear what was happening, and I couldn’t see anything but silhouettes. Someone jumped down into the cage, narrowly missing a pile of boxes. 

   “Hi,” he said. It was a boy with freckles, bright orange hair, and sparkling green eyes. He was wearing jeans and a plaid shirt, and looked uncomfortable, though he was trying not to. 

   “Hi,” I said, crossing my arms over my heart, making myself as small as possible. My long, slightly wavy brown hair fell in front of one of my eyes. 

   “I’m Luke,” he said, smiling awkwardly. I looked up to see people surrounding the box, looking down on us from all sides. It scared me. Then I realized… 

   I don’t remember my name. 

   I gasped a little, and he looked even more worried. Swallowing hard, I blurted the only thing I could possibly say. 
“What is happening?” He seemed to relax a little bit more after I said that. I felt so vulnerable, standing there with strangers I didn’t know, not remembering who I was or where I had come from. Another boy jumped in, landing on one large barrel. He nimbly jumped from there, landing beside Luke. 

   “Well,” sighed the second boy, who had jet black hair and almond-shaped eyes, pulling on his loose gray T-shirt. “You’re in the Cage,” he said, gesturing towards the bars around us. 

   “Why?” I asked. Everything seemed so confusing, so new. “Why am I here?” Desperately, I wanted to ask, ‘Who am I?’ but I didn’t. It didn’t seem like something you ask strangers. 

    “I guess the Mysterious wanted you here,” the second boy said, smiling, trying to be friendly but just confusing me more. 

   “The Mysterious sent us here,” Luke added. “All of us.” The second boy nodded. “Why don’t we get out of the Cage?” Luke asked me, holding his hand out to me. I stared down at it for a second, not remembering in the slightest what I was supposed to do now. I reached my hand out and took him, and he led me to a ladder on the side of the Cage. We climbed out, the other people moving out of our way. 

   I looked around and saw a wall surrounding us. A tall, gray, menacing wall that glowered down at us, impenetrable. But here and there were buildings- huts, more like, gardens, tall towers, and a giant fire pit. 

   “Welcome,” the second boy said, “to Base.” He said with such happiness in his voice, but I wasn’t happy at all. My throat felt hot and constricted and I knew I was going to cry. 

   Luke must have caught on, because he stepped up right next to me with concern on his face and said, “I know it doesn’t look like much, but you’ll see.” I pushed my hair behind my ear, nodding. “What happened to your lip?” he asked me. 

   “I- I fell,” I said, touching my bottom lip to feel a little blood. 

   “We’ll get you some ointment when we get to the Med Room,” the second boy said. I nodded again and followed.
Luke and the second boy, whose name was Will, showed me around Base. There was the Cage, where I came out of. Every month a new person comes, with supplies, up out from the ground. Then there was the Gardens, rows, and rows of vegetables, with boys bent over, bags swung around their hips, picking the food. The Kitchen was next, a large hut the emitted heat and smoke, boys with rags tied around their head stoking fires and washing huge pots. There was the House, an open hut with no walls, hammocks tied from the roof beams, and pallets made on the floors. The smallest hut was the Med Room, with only one or two boys scrubbing the floors and beating vegetables to make some sort of paste. Will got some ointment for my lip from a boy named Henry, and I put it on as we continued. Watchtowers were surrounding the little village, looking minuscule compared to the wall, but one was built deep within the forest- the Jail. The last thing they showed me was a giant fire pit, which was called the Place. There they sat me down and explained some things. 

   The Mysterious had never been seen, never been heard. No one knew who they were, but they figured they had to be real. Who else would have sent them here? So, they call them the Mysterious. This place was Base. In every game, there is a Base, and this is it. We’re in the center of a Maze, our escape, our way out. 

   The Maze. 

   Seems cruel, doesn’t it? Putting teenagers in a cage, launching them with no memories into a Maze without any clue of how to get out. But that wasn’t all. Within the maze were Crawlers, giant creatures that came out at night. No one saw one and lived to tell the tale. 

   Or kept their mind to tell the tale. The Crawlers sting you, piercing you with black tar that rots your flesh and kills your brain. Just slower than if they had eaten you. 

   Then, Luke and Will told me their rules. 1, never go into the Maze without permission. 2, never eat anything that wasn’t grown in the Garden. 3, never hurt another person. 4, if you’re stung, turn yourself in. 5, work hard wherever you’re needed. 6, try to forget you’re stuck in a Maze and live your life. 

   After that, a blonde boy came running up with a book in his hand. ‘For the girl,’ said a note on the front. He handed it to Luke, who stared down at it. He opened it up and saw blank page after blank page, a pen falling out of it. 
“It says it’s for you,” Luke said, holding it out to me. 

   “Aren’t there other girls?” I asked, trying to remember if I had seen any on our tour. 

   “Once,” Will said. “Once, there were two girls. Pixie and Rose. Their names are on the wall,” he pointed to a great wooden wall that stood in front of the Place, names painted on the boards. “They were the first,” Will continued. “Pixie built that wall. Her only hope was that another would come, so she made a place for them. Then Rose came. They planted the first Garden. Strung up hammocks in the forest.” He didn’t finish his story. He just sat there. His shoulders were hunched over like a weight had fallen on him. 

   “They went into the Maze,” Luke continued for him.  “They left two people here at Base. Night came and the Maze closed. The next morning, the survivors waited by the Gate. They never arrived,” he finished. “We’re the ones they left behind.” We sat in silence, the book in Luke’s hand, Will staring at his mud-caked boots, and me, staring at the wall as I thought of Pixie and Rose dying in the Maze. 

   At least they had each other.

   Then the silence broke as a long, desperate roar came out of the Gate. It scared me, and I whipped my head around, my hair hitting me in the face. “It’s the sound the Maze makes when it closes,” Will told me. The doors creaked and began to close. I watched as they hit each other with a thunk. Luke handed me the book, a smile back on his face. Will stood up and said, “We’re having a party tonight. We have one every night. I’d like it if you came.” I nodded. He walked away, yelling at another boy to get started on dinner. 

   “Why don’t you record what happens?” Luke asked me. “I have a feeling something great is going to happen, Newbie.” I laughed a little, for the first time. He seemed to like that. 

   “Ok,” I said. “Let’s hope something great is going to happen.” 

   Now the party is starting. I don’t know what we’ll do, but I’m going. 

   ‘Till tomorrow, 
Word Count: 1,506, not counting the TW.

I would love title ideas!
As I said in the TW, this is a fanfiction series I am starting based on the first Maze Runner movie, originally written by James Dashner and directed by Wes Ball. If you watched the trailer for the second movie, you will know there are other Mazes. This takes place in one of those Mazes.
I have not read the books although I am DYING to! We watched the first movie last week, and the second movie this past Tuesday. When we watched it, my legs were shaking, my stomach hurt, I was squeezing my brother, and I felt very emotional XD. But I LOVED IT! I have become obsessed with this story, and very rarely am I not thinking about it. We went to a trampoline park today, and I tried to jump onto this big gray... box (which really isn't that tall, but it's slippery) and when I fell I thought, 'This is when the Greiver eats me," XD. 
I needed to get this out of my system, but I am really wanting to continue this series. I hope y'all like it! If you'd like to be notified, please tell me!


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  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: It's okay! Thank you though! I hope they like it hehe. While Anne Blackwood isn't my real name, it's also the name I'm submitting under (since it's what I write under), so idk.
    Well I'm kinda bedridden most of the day lol, so being online is most of my life. It's not normal (my parents don't like us being with screens too much), but it's my life right now.
    You're welcome!
    And it's okay. Yay for procrastination XD.

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Oh my gosh thank you! That's such a high compliment omigosh. *system overload*
    You're welcome. :)
    Hehe I threw it into the trash.
    I don't dislike children, but I used to hate them and am slowly making progress in the opposite direction. So that's probably why I'm not a huge fan of him.
    I have no set strategy for titles lol. I just reread and reword and overthink until I get something.

    Haha nooo I'm not pregnant! XD that would be a plot twist.
    I'm not suuuper selective, but I am a little bit. I don't ever want to miss a piece of writing by someone I follow, so I keep the number lower than some so that I can support each person better. If I were to follow hundreds of people, I'd end up either missing pieces or exhausting myself trying to keep up with them all. I think it's great that other people follow lots of people; it's a different method of spreading positivity that I am totally here for.

    5 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Hiatus)

    Re: awwwww!!! Thank you so much! Yes, it is really interesting to collect and burn the flags. I’ve learned a lot. And we all have so much to be thankful for.
    Thank you so much!! <3333333 :) I know you’re beautiful yourself (inside and out!) <3

    5 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    Chapter 3 for On the High Seas!!

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Thank you! I was actually only considering having her grow into an old lady and decided against it.
    My due date is January 7th so sometime before then lol.
    I KNOWWW! He's my favorite character. You'll have very mixed feelings about that girl lol. Haha yes I think we all love that part. I feel horrible saying this but I kinda found that kid annoying? Like obviously adorable but just a nuisance XD. That's so callous and unlike me ack.
    Yeah, I usually title my own pieces, but I was stuck for that one. And he just pulled it out of thin air lol. Yay for me.

    5 months ago
  • Ag.A

    Yes read the books ASAP. You will become obsessed with the series even more. Trust me I know.

    5 months ago
  • Quiet One

    Re: Of course! I’ll let you know right away when I publish the second chapter of the novel, which will hopefully be soon

    5 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    Re: i honestly don't remember my last comment, but i know it was about book, so... that's enough. because i evidently have trouble typing sometimes, i am going to type my reply on a doc and then copy and paste. last two times i tried to do a long reply to someone, i guess i hit something wrong and i lost like 10 min worth of typing. so this reply will be quite long also... so excited to have found (another) Christian writer! also excited because i know over half of those books you mentioned. but again, i'm going to type out my real reply later.

    5 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    Oh my gosh I love this! Ahhhh!

    6 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    I’ve also written this, it’s more of a scene that I don’t know exactly where it will fit. But it will.

    6 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    Re: so glad you liked my bookstore piece! This is the continuation, picks up right after part 1, but it may not correlate anymore because I edited SO much on my final entry.

    6 months ago
  • Sanjana Sunilkumar

    re : well, its not really a true one, but sorta... :)

    6 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    oh my word my sis and i just watched the first/sec movies for the first time this week. thats a crazy coincidence haha (that's two strange coincidences now lol). is this the series you are talking about?? if it is def post in chapters. If it's not...which are you talking about.
    One...i'd love to be notified for this.
    two...this is SO WELL WRITTEN! GOSH! I am amazed. And hooked.

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Hehe.
    Cool cool.
    Yes of course!
    Ahhh makes sense.
    I will never say who lives or dies. I don't say that to hide that someone dies, I just won't tell you either way. Many characters die, so she really could be talking about anybody.

    6 months ago
  • Figwit

    RE: Lol, yeah. I just kinda wrote what came into my mind. The pattern was the number of words in each line (3, 7, then 12), and the third word of the next stanza was actually the last word of the previous... Kinda random and lame, but it was a fun exercise!

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: So social media actually has nothing to do with the temperament types lol. If you don't quite understand them, you can read my piece explaining each one called "The Four Temperament Types".
    Yeah, I don't really remember any swearing except for the Glader swears and maybe d**n.
    I mean whatever order you like. Movies first spoils the books a bit, but books first means you'll probably hate the movie(s). I haven't watched HG either bc I'm not sure how I'd take it emotionally. I know I'll cave and watch them someday though.
    I love Newt. I won't tell you if he survives or not though.
    You're welcome. :)

    6 months ago
  • Figwit

    I read the books; I remember most of them and I remember liking them a lot, but I read an insane amount, and that was two years ago, soooo... With everything I've read since then, the fact that I can remember liking it is a good sign, lol.
    Love your story!

    6 months ago
  • ~madeline~

    Like I said, only read Maze Runner #1 so far, but I can't wait to read the rest XD... This is really good!

    6 months ago
  • Quiet One

    I absolutely LOVE this!! I’ve been a Maze Runner fan for a while and I can’t wait to keep reading this fan fiction!

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Wow, this is really interesting! I loved the Maze Runner books; I got so invested emotionally that I literally had to take mental health breaks lol. Um, about the movies... since you watched them before reading the books, you're excused. But imo (many agree lol), the first was decent, the second was mediocre, and I didn't stick around for the third. If you loved the movies, the books will rock your world.
    Oh, and my favorite character is Newt.

    6 months ago