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Wondali is currently on an indefinite hiatus. It wasn't really working for me.

Wondali - Chapter 5: The Abandoned Fortress

November 21, 2020


    The trio silently trudged on through the woods, weary after the battle at the creek. Erdalei looked over at Landari, who appeared tense and nervous, looking around for any sign of danger. "Not so fond of forests, huh?" Erdalei remarked.
    "Yeah. Forests are to me as rivers are to you," Landari replied.
    "Well, at least we both get to face our fears."
    "Yeah, but when you 'faced your fear' we got attacked by a giant river beast."
    "I see what you mean. Let's just hope we can get out of here and get to the town Erala mentioned.
    "If we can make it out of here alive," Landari muttered.
    "What was that?" Erdalei turned his head towards Landari.
    "Nothing," Landari said. "Just thinking aloud.
    Suddenly, Erala pulled out a large, glowing stone. "Stop," he said. "We're close." 
    Erdalei and Landari exchanged glances. "Close to what?" Landari asked. "And what is that stone?"
    "Fools! You didn't notice there was a jewel in the middle of the beast's chest plate?"
    "No? Why is this important?" 
    "I sensed a strong magical presence in this jewel. I pulled it out because I thought we could use it as a weapon. However, it appears that it glows brighter as we go through the woods. It's leading us to something. And it looks like we're close. We should approach with caution. We don't know what lies ahead."
    Erdalei slowly followed Erala, still confused. Landari soon followed suit. The jewel grew brighter and brighter, and soon, they all had to shield their eyes from the light. They reached an area covered in long, green vines. Erala pulled the vines back, and to their surprise, there was a tall stone wall right in front of them. At least, what was left of it. 
    The wall stretched about 20 meters long from side to side, and was about 5 meters tall from to to bottom. The wall was covered in vines and had several holes and cracks in it. In the middle there was a rusty bronze gate that was just barely still connected to the wall, suspended by only a few nails. On the top of the wall, there were spikes to stop any trespassers from climbing over. There were only a few left.
    Erala cautiously peaked through the gate. "I think it's safe to go through," he said. "But approach with caution." Slowly and very quietly Erala stepped through the gate. Erdalei and Landari trailed behind him. "Okay. I think it's safe. Come look." Erdalei and Landari stepped through the gate. Erdalei gasped in wonder. 
    Behind the walls there was a huge abandoned mansion. The bottom was made out of stone, whereas the top stories were made out of wood. It was seeping with vines and although it was covered in cracks, was still mostly intact. And finally, on the top lay a big pink jewel that was now glowing very bright, obviously detecting the jewel Erala had. 
    Erdalei turned to Erala. "What is this place?" he asked. "I'm not sure," he said. "It looks like a stronghold of some sort. Only way to find out is to go inside the building."
    Erala approached the front of the building, backed up, and knocked down the front door. It was little more fragile than he anticipated, though, and the door shattered into thousands of pieces, causing all three of them to jump back.
Sorry I forgot to publish last week. I was kind of busy. This chapter is uneventful, but next time we'll get a glimpse of what Erala means!


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