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Where Did All the Stars Go?

November 17, 2020

Purple and blue was the sky as day turned to night. The remaining leaves on the trees danced in the gentle breeze. Judith walked down the sidewalk in the light of the soft streetlights. Something about this moment felt so serene to Judith. So serene that Judith wished it wouldn’t end even before she passed the park and trekked up to the top of the hill.      Judith felt fuzzy and warm inside despite the cold, crisp air. As Judith continued her walk she took in everything around her. The color of the sky. The nip in the air. The silence. There was something about November twilights that enamored Judith. Perhaps it was the fact that Judith was to meet her friend at the top of the hill.    On Friday, February 4, 2016, Judith and Victor became friends. Judith and Victor were like the moon and the stars: two beauties in the dark that go hand in hand. The two youths bonded over the simplest things in life. All that mattered was that they made each other laugh until their cores ached. There was something about Judith and Victor that made their dynamic stellar. However, on Thursday the 30th of November of 2017 Victor and his family moved back to Jalisco to tend to family matters. It were as if Judith were the moon in a sky without any stars, all alone in the dark.      Now it was Tuesday, December 10, 2019. After two never-ending years Judith would no longer be alone. Judith made her ascent up the hill, and there stood Victor at the top. Victor’s skin was darker than when Judith last saw him, and now Victor was taller than her. For a moment Judith just stood there and thought of all the ways Victor had changed. Then, Judith began to think of all the ways she herself had changed. There was something about Judith and Victor that was different.    “Hi, Victor,” Judith managed to say. It felt strange to utter those words out loud once more. Judith and Victor’s communication had dwindled while he was away.   Victor looked up at her with eyes full of awe.      “Hey, Judy,” he mustered. He too had waited eons to reunite with Judith.    Judith felt even warmer. Not a single person ever called her “Judy” except for Victor. Perhaps life could go back to the way it was before their separation. Judith was going to speak again, but Victor walked up to Judith and embraced her. The warmth from inside was now outside too. Judith hugged Victor back and lost herself in Victor’s warmth.              Judith and Victor had only hugged once, and this made the evening feel ethereal. There was something about Victor’s embrace that made Judith’s world feel at peace.      “I missed you,” Victor said, breaking the silence between the two. Victor had become more open about his feelings, Judith thought to herself.      Judith responded, “I missed you too. I have yet to come across another friend as adventurous as you.” Judith reminded Victor of all their endeavors as friends and all the golden and even lamentable memories that they had created.    “Neither have I,” Victor remarked, making Judith let out a slight laugh.. Of all the things that did not change, Victor’s sarcasm was one of them. “Maybe now our parents will let us go on wilder adventures. Wilder than your wildest dreams, Judy.”    Three years had passed since Judith and Victor committed the scandal of the year. One warm summer afternoon, Judith and Victor boarded a bus headed to Walmart. However, instead of simply going to Walmart Victor decided that he and Judith would stay on the bus and see where it took them. Judith and Victor rode the bus all the way to the southside of their city. That was when Victor decided to ride different buses for the rest of the day and see where the wind blew them. By the end of the day, Victor had gotten the two of them lost in a city 13 miles away. Judith and Victor’s parents were more than a storm when they picked them up that evening. They were category 5 hurricanes, ready to rip them to shreds.      Judith remembered that day and wondered what Victor had in mind. “Will you get us in trouble again?” Judith asked. Even though Victor had caused them to be scolded by everyone their parents told about the incident, Judith never grew sour with him.      “I don’t know,” Victor said amusingly. “We’ll see what happens.” Already Victor felt things going back to how they were. Victor feared being awkward around Judith or finding out that they had grown apart. Victor’s fears faded away.      Judith and Victor sat together on the cool grass. Leaves from the trees fell down and drifted in the breeze. Judith and Victor continued their conversation about their plans as if they had never even been separated. The streetlights had come on now, and Judith and Victor could see all the lights in the city. They twinkled like the stars above. The serenity of this moment made Judith and Victor want to sit there all night. For the first time in so long all the stars had come back.  


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