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Zeus' Eagle: Chapter Eight *plz read footnotes*

November 18, 2020


While Bellaphon was ushered to her room and Pan was thinking of her, the forgotten Selene quietly slipped out of the room and into the forest with the accompaniment of her two most trusted guards. 

Slipping them each a gold coin, their once impassive faces showed a flicker of surprise then understandment. This was not the first time it had occurred. Selene pulled on a purple cloak, hastily shoved the hood over her braided hair, jostled her crown to the nearest guard, and whisked away into the forest, her footsteps heavy and fast. 

In no time at all, she was near an abandoned, overrun cave, hidden by the mass of uncontrollable vines and foliage. Or so it seemed. The noble placed herself right outside of the cave, steading herself, as an old voice called for her to enter. The vines seemingly arranged themselves to allow the girl to pass all by the presence of the witch and her dark magic. 

The hag herself was an ugly sight, if Selene should say herself. Wrinkles covered the witch’s features, and her bones on her body were protruded with age. Dressed in an ominous black hood that covered her empty eye sockets, the witch was a maliciously scary figure. 

“Echo is see you, my dear…” the voice cackled as the witch acknowledged the presence of the girl. 

“Hello, dear, Echo. I need....some assistance.” Selene cleared her throat as she took in the misshelved place, full of mysterious potions scattered about on cluttered shelves near the fogging cauldron. 

“Echo needs more information, my dearie…” This prompted Selene to describe the whole moment of that awful, gorgeous girl Bella-whatever. 

“Pan, he was, falling in love with her! Ugh, I can’t stand it!” she huffed. Echo paused, her bony finger crossing the labels of each of her concoctions slowly. 

“It seems to Echo...that you need….a killing potion...yes, one that extracts a terrible pain almost instantaneously of the subject, and the presence of death will cloak soon after.”

Now, Selene was no killer. She was just a jealous, power-hungry girl who will secure the crown and the boy by any means. Besides, her whole family was counting on her. Perhaps, it would not work on Bellaphon, and Selene could try something else, like sabotaging her weapon and get her killed by the monsters---any riddance of the horrid girl will be the path the noblewoman would take. 

Thinking in her head, Selene pondered Echo’s recommendation. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Before she could change her mind, she grabbed the green liquid off the shelf, and dropped a heavy bag of gold coins into the witch’s outstretched hand. 

With great speed, faster than before, Selene dashed off to the palace, the potion safely hidden in her pocket. In the distance, the witch cackled her evil laugh, sending chills down the girl’s spine. 

Selene quickly met up with her guards, thanking them for allowing her to “wander” through the woods, then accepted the hand of one to step into the extravagantly decorated carriage. 

Off to the palace, she thought as she looked down at the luminous elixir. The girl won’t even notice a thing. Selene smiled, an evil one, is that. For an evil action was about to take place. 

Far away from the unknown evildoings of Selene, Bella was getting ready for an evening with Pan. And his fiancee. She combed her hair and dressed herself into a light blue dress, the color of the sky, that flowed to the ground. The neckline was a modest one on top of  the lacy top with the intricate flower design. The arms came down to her elbow in a flattering way. She smiled to herself, and twirled around gayily, enjoying her gift from the royal seamstress. 
She decided to keep her hair down, and after much debate with the help of a kind maid, she surrendered and placed on a pair of small, silver high heels. 

The grandfather clock in the hallway rang at five, and Bella calmed herself and her overrun nerves. Glancing out of the window, she could see the sun still shining in the sky, and a bird flew by, a sure sign from her father. Zeus was always with her. Her back felt strangely lifted without the weight of her weapon and she missed the comforting security it gave her. 

Looking down below, she could see the marketplace starting to shut down, as everyone prepared for curfew to commence within the hour. It was a reminder that Bella needed to be focused on the procephy, the one to end all the monsters and the destruction they brought. 

A guard finally knocked on the door, and said, “Miss Bella.” She rose. “It’s time.”
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    That’s days have been hard. But we’ll get through them. I’ve been really busy recently, so that’s been crazy. But I’m extremely thankful for friends like you who are always here for me. And writing is so so helpful for me. And my sister is also very supportive, and yassss HG! XD
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    Re: THANK YOU!!!! Your support has meant so so so so much to me! I really appreciate all of it! Love you, friend! <33333333

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    This is awesome! Thank you so much for the shoutout! Also I do plan on writing more soon! Thank you so much! God loves you so much that He died for you!
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    CONGRATS! AND I TOLD YOU I DIDN'T TRUST THAT FRIEND OF A HAG! I TOLD YOU! I wonder if she'll change at some point? Hm... Also, I wonder what this dinner's going to be like? I can't wait for the next chapter!

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    Wow! This got crazy dangerous fast!!
    Re: thank you so much! Your comment means so so much to me! <333

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    awww oh my word your shout-out is so sweet haha. Thank s for the notification.
    one question on this...did i miss a chapter who is echo? also is she the nymph that can only repeat or a different character w/same name. The descriptions in this are amazing! can't wait for more!!

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