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The Journey of a Girl (FOOTNOTES!)

November 17, 2020


There was once a girl who liked to dream.

It started with purely her imagination, her creative mind helping her think up stories at a very young age.

She would play with stuffed animals, who would have big adventures. They would get trapped in caves, fight battles, and fall in love.

Event turned into artwork. This girl began to draw, then to paint. She liked doing animals, texturing the fur and big, beady eyes.

Before she was very old, she began to read. It started simple, of course, and then it grew. It was merely a spark, but that little flicker evolved into a huge, blazing fire. So she read. And she read. And she read.

Finally, she started to write. She realized that she could put it all together. She took her dreams and wove them into her notebook with a pencil. She took her characters, who, much like her stuffed animals, had adventures and journeys together. She took the scenes she would paint and used words to picture them on the page. And she realized that was where she belonged. 
 This little girl grew older. Her interests changed. She matured and her feelings multiplied, until they were too many for her mind to hold. She never stopped writing. Then, one day in late July, she found a place to share her writing. She didn’t know what to expect with this place. But she surely didn’t expect this.

150.... 150?!??? 
 I just can’t tell you how many thank you’s I have for you guys. You have made me feel so welcomed and excepted on this website. I didn’t know that a group of strangers could become family so fast, but you guys are some of my closest friends. You accept my weirdness, and dare I say even embrace it. You have my back with my likes (including my boyfriend Peeta; you know me so well!) You are always so kind and supportive, and it means so much to me. So many times I have opened my account to see a comment that brightens my day and brings a smile to my face. I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You all are AMAZING! You’ve given me a whole family of writers (just check my bio), and I feel like I’ve been here for so long, even though it’s only been 4 months. 
 Here are some shoutouts to some of my best friends (hold on tight, guys, it’s gonna get long; I just had to go write a list....) Also, these are in order of how I wrote them from my followers list.

Lata. B
 You were my first follower. My sweet sis, you are so kind and encouraging, and so talented! And you even started writing your own Hunger Games fan fiction! Your comments mean a lot to me, and I always enjoy talking to you! Thank you for everything!

Bhavya’s Treasure
 Sister, you are really family. You have done nothing but show me support and kindness, and you’re encouragement has made me want to keep writing my fan fiction. Thank you so much! I’m so so thankful to have you as a friend and sister. You have helped me so much.

Connor, you’re one of my best friends. Your poetry is always so stunning. I’ve never had a brother; adopted or other, until you. Your support and kind words make me smile. Thank you for being so welcoming to me. You’re just as kind as you were the first time you welcomed me to the site.

 Kit-Kat Sully
 LOTR FOREVER! You are such a great friend. You are so sweet every time I talk to you, reviewing my fan fiction and always spreading kindness to those around you. Thank you for being you.

 Your work is incredible! You are so talented and creative, with everything from the storyline to the descriptions. Thank you for being so kind!

Stone of Jade
 I can honestly say that your Traitors and Rebels story is one of the most interesting dystopian books I’ve read. Period. I anticipate the next chapter for days, and I’m never disappointed. And you’ve been one of the ones who has followed my fan fiction from the beginning. And you can draw SO WELL! Thank you. Just know how much it means to me. You make my day brighter.

 I know we haven’t chatted all that much, but the times we have, you’ve been so supportive and kind. I hope we get to talk more in the future, and I get to read more of your work!

 Girl, I’m so thankful to have you as a friend. You really came through for me when I needed your support, and every time we get to talk, I always enjoy it. You are a very talented writer and an extremely sweet person. Thank you so much for being here for me.

 My F’Otter from another father! XD Zion got that into my head. But anyway, I’ve never known an Otter as cool as you. You are supportive and can always appreciate poetry, even though you are the KING of it! You’re such a good friend. Thank you.

 Busssy. Beee
 You. Are. So. Sweet! Your writing leaves me wanting more, and I adore talking about books with you! I really appreciate all your kindness to me. Thank you.

 Where to start? Okay, V, I think you already know you’re one of my absolute best friends. Your writing is so great; your stories and characters are FANTASTIC! You are always so excited to read my fan fiction, and your comments are so sweet. I enjoy every moment if talking with you. I’m so blessed to have you as a sister. You are awesome and inspirational. Just... thank you.

 Thank you, B.C. We may live in different parts of the world, but you sure don’t feel distant. You are really like a living hug. Thank you, my friend!

beth r.
 Beth, you have made me laugh out loud more than you know. You need to be a comedian. The world needs more laughter from amazing people like you. You’re my twin. You support me, make me smile, and even support my fictional boyfriend. By the way, how is Peter? XD Thank you for everything. 

amazing grace
 You are such a gentle and talented person. Thank you. I’m so happy to be able to talk to you and read your work. Your comments mean so much to me, friend.

 Ah, my sister, I don’t know if you understand how much you’ve given me joy. Every conversation about Peeta and Gale makes me want to smile. You are one the sweetest people I know. And wow, our collab has gotten so popular! You really are so cool, and I’m so thankful for our friendship. Thank. You. So. Much.

 Just your name makes me, well, happy! You are such a bright light here, bringing joy and smiles to everyone around! I love talking to you, and I’m so happy you like the Hunger Games. Thank you for all that you’ve done!

 Lin, just thank you. Thank you for the smiles, the laughs, and the joy. You are so so amazing. Your writing, your support..... you rock, Mellon. Thank you, sis. And I hope Cedric is still doing well! 

 I know we’ve only spoken a few times, but it’s been enough to see how awesome you are. Thank you for being such a presence here, such a friend to all those who need it. Keep being you!

 I’ve missed you being active recently. I hope you’re doing well, and thank you for all our fun chats. You are so sincere and kind, and it shows. Thank you.

 Thank you. You are so sweet and supportive. You’ve read my story and helped me on my writing journey. Our friendship means a lot to me. I love talking with you. Thank you.

Jasmine khawar 
 You are so sweet! From the few times we talked, I can tell what an amazing writer and friend you are. I hope I can get to know you even better. Thank you.

Cheshire Cat
 You. Are. Talented! I’m so excited to read more of your writing. You are so sweet, girl. Thank you for being you! Keep up the excellent work!

 Welcome to the Hunger Games fan family!! You are such a great writer, and a great friend. Our talks are so encouraging. And look at the WtW Description series we started!! Wow. Thank you for everything.

 Huba Huba
 Thank you for being so welcoming to me. You even gave me a chance to write a continuation of the If Game Pieces Were People series. Thank you my friend! 

Firecracker K
 Your imagination is fantastic! I love to hear about all of your creatures, and I’m so happy to have a friend who shares my fiery passion for fiction. Thank you. Keep being awesome!

~Zoe N~
You are so passionate and determined! Thank you for being my friend, and helping me. 

 Evrything from your username to you cool profile picture screams fun! You’re such a fun, sweet, easygoing person! Thank you for everything. 

 Your writing is beautiful and so unique! You are such an amazing writer and so so kind. Thank you for everything. I hope we can continue to get to know each other better.

 Oh my, how can you write and draw so well?! You are a very talented person, and I enjoy reading your work. Thank you.

 You have not only helped me in my writing journey, but also you’ve brought an aspect of music to this site too. You’re so helpful and your support means so much to me. Thank you!

 You are full of talent and encouragement for others! Your support is so meaningful to me. Thank you, friend. Keep up the great work!

 Book Kitten
 Your profile picture is adorable!! You have been such a sweet friend for me, including your continued support of my collaborative with Coolgirl2020. Thank you for all you’ve done. 

Flowers of Fall#dreams of autumn (previously Rose A.)
 You are amazing! Your writing, friendship, kindnesses, everything. Thank you. Thank you so much!! You rock!

Anne Blackwood 
 Mom, thank you. You are really a role model for me. Your strength and support and love for others is so inspirational. And your faith is too. Thank you for inspiring me with your writing and words. 

In Which Yaya Writes 
 You are such a sweet girl! I love your writing, and your genuine care and compassion for others. You are amazing. Thank you for everything. 
You are one of my newest friends! I hope I can get to know you more. You are kind, witty, and relatable. Thank you for everything!

 I know I don’t know you that well yet, but I hope I can get to know you more. You are so kind and fun to talk to. Thank you.

Thank you!! For the kindness, support, enthusiasm, everything! Thank you for being you! I love talking to you and reading your work. Thank you!

Wow, that was REALLY long! Sorry for any typos... but I don’t have time to read back over it now! This just took like 2 hours. Anyway, THANK YOU ALL! I love you like family! Sending hugs!! <333333



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  • mindfruit (hiatus)

    Re: ooh, I've only read about 11 Psalms so far, but I think my favorite one so far would have to be the first one. It almost sounds like a proverb, if that makes sense (speaking of which, I plan on reading the proverbs when I finish the Psalms). They are really poetic and beautiful, I've been thinking about writing a piece based off one of the Psalms. Prayer is indeed powerful. and yep, I did forward the email onto F'Otter.

    4 months ago
  • mindfruit (hiatus)

    Re: YES YES YES, I'd totally be up for a virtual writing camp in the summer! Thank you for telling me about it, and don't worry about telling me too early, I always plan for my summers WAY in advance.

    4 months ago
  • mindfruit (hiatus)

    Re: Ah, okay. Thank you for telling me about what Christians do, a lot of my friends that are religious are catholic, so it's cool to learn what people of other religions do. And thanks for the suggestion about the Psalms! I actually started reading them last night, and I think I'll continue to read them from now on :) and aw, thanks for praying for me and the other wtwers. It means a lot to me.

    4 months ago
  • mindfruit (hiatus)

    Re: Yep, I'm catholic! I realized I never put my religion on my bio so there it is now....I'm not the most devout, but I do pray and know most of the Bible stories. That's cool that you have some catholic friends!

    4 months ago
  • mindfruit (hiatus)

    Re: Yeah, a zoom call would be REALLY fun! Aw, and thank you :) It is sort of stressful writing reviews, but there's nothing like that pride you get from knowing you've helped out another writer. I think they just announced that applications are open January 5, so the term will probably start mid February...I think. There's about one zoom per month on weekends.
    Yeah, it's kind of funny isn't it? I often think about how my life would be different without Covid, and I think one of the main things I would be missing is WtW, and meeting so many awesome folks (including you). So I too kind of grateful about Covid.
    I'm on instagram, and that's kind of it lol. I also have an email you can reach out to if you want. It's
    Ah yes, I see the quote! Heh, glad you thought it was nice :) I actually didn't write it myself, I belong to a satire club at my school, and in each new edition the club president comes up with little descriptions (hmmm, maybe descriptions isn't the right word) of every person who worked on that edition.
    I hope I got everything down, see you later!

    5 months ago
  • mindfruit (hiatus)

    Re: Same here, I'm glad that you're my wtw sis and friend :) and yes, my CA term ends this week :( (technically it ends next week, but we're meeting this weekend as a good-bye). And thanks so much for that comment, it means a lot to me (there's been a lot of great CA's before and it feels like big shoes to fill, y'know?) btw, are you thinking of applying? no pressure, just curious. and yep, I've lost a friend (sorta). I switched schools for middle school, and I was really hard to leave my group of friends there.

    5 months ago
  • mindfruit (hiatus)

    Re: awww, you're so very welcome! I know what it's like to lose a friend in that way....and I absolutely agree, those experiences build gratitude and make you realize just how fragile life is. I too am extremely grateful that you're one of my best friends, and I want to thank you for how positive and supportive and understanding you are. You've truly made my quarantine and life happier :) It's funny, I guess I have covid to thank for joining this site! Have a terrific day!

    5 months ago
  • Jasmine khawar

    Re: <33333333

    5 months ago
  • Jasmine khawar

    Congratulations!!!!! (Sorry i was late, and i was early too XD) you deserve it all, you're such an amazing and creative writer, and i adore you <3 i love being your friend!
    And thanks for the shout out! It means a lot. Hope you'll gain many more, luv u <3

    5 months ago
  • Lata.B

    You are so amazing!! AW you are so welcome!! The way you write is so perfect!! Im so happy I was your first follower!!!!...ok but why hadn't I seen this page earlier omg so sorry I'm late!

    5 months ago
  • Bhavya's Treasure

    A very big CONGRATS! I just can't tell how proud and blessed I am to find a cute little sister in you. Every comment, every post of yours cheers me up!
    Thank you for embracing me too in our journey here. LOVE you, Eden!

    Keep spreading your warmth here because it's really cold outside. I'm curled up in a blanket. XD

    5 months ago
  • Kit-Kat Sully {Child of God}

    You are so welcome! You truly deserve it! I love your writing, and can tell you'll go far! <3

    5 months ago
  • Rose A(hiatus)

    OMG, I FORGOT TO LOOK AT THIS EARLY BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH EDEN!! You rock, girl! And you deserve the 150 plus followers that understand what a bomb writer you are. Congrats! You and Peeta need to celebrate!! :)

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: :D

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Well like you said, it's kinda hard to tell without knowing you irl. I would recommend taking the online assessment on open psychometrics.

    6 months ago
  • ava09 (sorta back)

    replying: you're welcome and thanks for understanding! :) it is really cool. <3

    6 months ago
  • katnissromanoff

    OH MY GOSH CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You are such and a-m-a-z-i-n-g writer. I can't tell you how much I love your comments and your writing. You are a wonderful person. Also, you were my first follower, and just, you are so kind and sweet and fun and your HG fan fiction is fantastic, really all of your writing is fantastic. Thank you for the shoutout, and congrats on 150!!! :):):)

    6 months ago
  • ava09 (sorta back)

    EDENN CONGRATSSS!!! you deserve every single one and sooo many more! <3 thank you so much for the shout out you're so sweet and i'm so thankful to have you as a friend as well!
    replying: sorry i've been mia school is hitting me like a sack of bricks right now haha. yay i'm glad riding would be so fun. ;) if you go again we definitelyyy have to meet up XD and yeah that's awesome how close we are!!

    6 months ago
  • ~Zoe N~

    re: ooh yes! That actually sounds delicious!

    6 months ago
  • bookmagic

    Re: That's great.
    Favorite color-blue
    favorite book- does all of them count? I guess if I had to choose one it would be Keeper of the Lost Cities or greenglass house or Land of Stories (I can't choose)
    favorite book character- another hard choice. My favorites are mostly girls, though. Hermione Granger(HP), Sophie Foster, Biana Vacker, Della, Edaline, Lovise, Officer Short, Delpha, Katybird, etc..

    6 months ago
  • books4life

    Re: THANK YOU!!!! Your comments and support mean a ton! :) have the best day!

    6 months ago
  • bookmagic

    That was such a sweet story and congrats on 150, you deserve it.
    Re: thanks so much! I would love to be friends, it's perfect timing as well because people are saying I need more than two friends.

    6 months ago
  • Busssy.Beee

    Re: I've read Ballad of Songbirds, but I haven't heard about Snakes the HG prequel. Would you recommend it? Also, I was surfing the web and saw a district test? Should I take it?

    6 months ago
  • ~Zoe N~

    re: oh. nice! cookies are delicious, especially chocolate chip, I've never been a fan of oatmeal cookies haha

    6 months ago
  • SunV

    Re: Well, I suppose sometime is better than never, so (I just read mindfruit's comment, and I'm going to steal some questions from him hehe):
    1. Favourite subjects? Mine are English and Math.
    2. Least favourite? Mine are Hindi and civics
    3. Favourite movie? As of now, it's five feet apart for me, but it's subjected to change quite often.
    4. What district are you? I took the test like a million years ago, so I need to take it again XD

    6 months ago
  • books4life

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for the shoutout!!!! and congrats im so happy for you! ! also chapter 8 is out!

    6 months ago
  • mindfruit (hiatus)

    1. Of course! and wow that's a lot of music. I'll make sure to check out those songs later (I'm a bit busy heh).
    2. yeah I think I'll just call you Eden lol
    3. my favorite subject is probably history (I have a really funny teacher), and my least favorite is math, so much work...
    4. I don't really cry during movies, but yeah that scene was sad...and I do hope the child gets a name, though I can't imagine what'd it be
    5. haha same here. I hate sushi, and unfortunately, cali has a lot of it
    6. Yep I've read all of the KOTLC books, with the exception of the newest one. it's a really great series, I think you'll like it (really interesting characters and plot). Happy reading!
    7. Aw, thanks for that! You're one of my best friends on here too :)
    8. Thanks! and wow, your parents listened to it? what'd they think?
    9. I have disney+, so I should be able to watch it. maybe over Thanksgiving but I'm not sure :\
    10. searching it up right now...looks like I'm underwater? Guess I'm technically in district 4, yay finnick!

    I sincerely hope I didn't miss anything, anyways, have a wonderful day, see ya!

    6 months ago
  • mindfruit (hiatus)

    WOOHOO! CONGRATS EDEN! ~blows noisemaker, pops party popper~ I'm so happy for you :) You're such an incredible writer, best friend, and wtw sister, and I'm so glad you're a part of this community! Here's to many many many more! (And thanks so much for the shoutout, it means a lot to me :) )

    6 months ago
  • kealoha

    re: no problem! <3
    re: Thank youuu! Just gotta cough up ten thousand words somehow haha, i'll keep you posted :)

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Ooh thank you for all of that!!

    6 months ago
  • ChocolateKiwi


    6 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    Aw congrats eden! how incredible! Also... i see you started kotlc?! AHHHHHHHHHH another one for the team! as soon as you get through the first few books, TALK FANDOM TO ME!!!! ahhhhhh i'm just so excited! go kotlc! i can't say anything else now or else i might spoil something. <3

    6 months ago
  • midnight.summerrose

    Re: THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! You are so kind! :)
    I know, we are twinning, both reaching our milestones! Lol. Thank you! <3
    Also, if you have time, please read bookwitch’s piece because she really needs support right now! :)

    6 months ago
  • Busssy.Beee

    re: I've just finished reading Looking for Alaska by: John Green. It's pretty good, I also finished the Chronicles of Narnia, which I tried to stall reading. And that series is really good. Do you have any recent book suggestions?

    6 months ago
  • ~Zoe N~

    re: Thanks :))
    Oh, that's cool, what have you guys been baking? I've just been busy with school and then I got braces yesterday and I'm dying so that's fun...

    6 months ago
  • Busssy.Beee

    re: I'm tired (stayed up way too late,) but I'm doing well. Thanksgiving break is coming, so that's cool. School is actually kinda chill, how's your school?

    6 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    AHH yessssss!!! 150 is such a huge milestone!!! :D you deserve each one. here's to many, many more! :)

    6 months ago
  • Coolgirl2020 (LOVE YA ALL)

    Thanks so much, love! <3 You bring me so much joy as well. Thanks! XD
    Also, I'd be more than happy to listen to any ideas you have! It is my turn to do the letter, right? (just making sure bc all my schoolwork is melting my brain)

    6 months ago
  • kealoha

    Congrats!!! You deserve every single one!!! And thank you so much for the shoutout <3 <3 love ya!
    re: it's due at the end of this month :P I've got a lot of catching up to do lol.

    6 months ago
  • midnight.summerrose

    Re: thank you soo much!! You are so sweet! Also that was a lot of writing lol ^^:)

    6 months ago
  • midnight.summerrose

    Wow!! 150 followers? You are sooo amazing and deserve every single one and a million more!! You are such an inspiration to me!! I want to get to know you more tooo!! :) Your writing is beyond words (even though you are writing with words which is a little controversial) lol! <3

    6 months ago
  • sci-Fi

    aahahhhhhh CONGRATS!!!!

    6 months ago
  • SunV

    Ugh! *congratulations. Ignore me and my stupid spelling.

    6 months ago
  • SunV

    Congratulations on 150 followers!!!!!!!!! Here's to many many more! Your writing is *chef's kiss*. Once again, congartulations!

    I know we haven't talked much, but I really love your writing!

    6 months ago
  • rwong

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! you deserve every single follower <3 i guess we haven't properly met, but i just wanna say, i love love love love love your writing <3

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Awww thank you and congratulations!! Jsyk I read every word and it all have me the softest and sweetest vibes. ^u^

    6 months ago
  • Busssy.Beee

    ayyyyy! nice!!! eden, I can't express how much of a good friend you are. in a way, you're like... i don't know. anyway, congrats!! i love you soo much!! <3<3<3
    oh and to answer your question.
    Re: Oh, I just read your question. It's actually based off something my mom told me. She told me, "Promises are only for the sake of saying something, sometimes they're broken by the people you cherish most." And so, I kinda used it as inspiration. Anyway, how are you? Love ya! <3

    6 months ago
  • (sk)eyesofocher


    6 months ago
  • ~madeline~

    CONGRATSSS!!!!!!!! You have been such a great friend Eden :) I cannot think of anyone more detecting or 150 than you. Thank you so much for being my friend and for everything you do for the WtW community!!! <333333

    6 months ago
  • ~Zoe N~

    OH MY GOODNESS, 150, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is to a million more *clinks glass against* You are an amazing writer and I am so glad to have you as a friend. Your writing is amazing and WtW wouldn't be the same without you <333
    Also, I'm wondering since I haven't talked to you in a little bit, how are you and Peeta doing?

    6 months ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    AYEEE CONGRATS!!!! you are just such a warm addition to this incredible community, im so proud to be one of the 150. here's to more epic pieces <33
    ~F'Otter from another father (yea, Zion got that into my head too XD)

    6 months ago
  • mirkat

    CONGRATS OF U LATIONS!!! u deserve all of us followers! and this is so sweet-- your journey! i can't wait to get to know you better! <3<3<3

    6 months ago