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i hate writing about ezra like this, but ey.
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November 17, 2020


i've been cheating on my wife, and i can basically feel the sizzle 
of hell wafting from my pen as i write this. 

part of me knows's amazing we've been together for seven years
especially when we had rosa and all.

i feel twenty-two and forty-two all at once. 

first it was with hazel, her best friend. 
lu was out for the day with reggie, and left us with the kids. 
rosa and phil were down for naps.

god, i even forget how it started. 
it was a conversation about..different types of 
aloe plants
and she listened intently
the way lu seemed to have forgotten to.

it happened once. and it never happened again. 
she's still lu's best friend, by the way. 

i thought about my vows, the ones i had made in 
that dingy church in Massachusetts 

in front of people i don't talk to anymore. 

did it mean anything at all?

i regret trying to kiss lu this afternoon

she obviously wasn't in the mood. 

i guess i was looking for a quick fix

a way to validate that she still loved me. 

she stormed off, to i don't know where. 

and in that moment

i didn't care if she stormed off a mile away
or three-thousand of 'em. 

i think this is the end of us. 



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