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The passion's of Gloriana

November 17, 2020

It was a hot and humid day on the beach. I wanted to go home and drink a fancy glass of Chardonnay but my aunt, Abuela wanted to do yoga on the beach. She thought it would make her feel relaxed but it’s only making her as miserable as my bone head annoying dad. He is a renowned actor and the most famous actor in the world. Anyways my name Evanore Gloriana Luciana i would say i'm the most spectacular, unique, curious, and beautiful girl in Venezuela. I had just had my 25th birthday. There were 2 DJ's. I had always wanted a DJ for my birthday, I often felt like music and I was always a good match.My favorite band is Pearl Jam their music feeds my soul. My aunt Abuela’s fiance Omilla is a DJ part time but most of the time he works as an Orthodontist. Speaking of my fiance,  my fiance, Rogelio Demoskish is the best romance I have ever had. I actually think he knows me better than my mom. my mom went to prison a few years ago she ran an underground drug tunnel of course i had nothing to do with it to this exact day the law enforcement agency are still trying to find her henchmen my life has not been easy but it has been hard i love that my mom made my life hard so now that i have grown up i realize that hard work and kindness is the most important thing in life. I work as a very important lawyer the case i'm working on is super crazy i mean who would wanna rob a bank only to go down for it but sorry to inform you the rest of the case is classified information.Look i'm just gonna be a total donkey i love love love romance novels i'm a book nerd but that doesn't matter what matters is i'm getting married in less than 2 weeks i have tons to do i have to write my vows do extra things like practice my waltz i have no idea if i'm gonna have enough time to do these things. Well it's 2 weeks later if you're wondering if i got my vows and things done the answer is yes i got my things done today is the day i get married. Right now i'm getting my dress on i got this beautiful silk crystal white and silver dress i'm so in love with this beautiful master peace i’m asking my dumb self why is this dress so tight.i started up the stairs on my way to meet my love on the alter he looked so fine in that dashing grey and white suit that he had spent 5,000 dollars on. I started to hesitate when i saw him i wasn't sure if i was ready to get married i'd have to decide right away i started to think are we good together the question i had never asked myself before i was halfway to the altar and i was thinking fast i had started to think about me and him and are moments together i had noticed we are powerful together. The feeling that i'm feeling right now it feels beautiful and powerful so yes i'm gonna be brave i'm gonna marry him cause my love for him is unconditional he makes me feel like i can do anything i made it to the altar where Rogelio took my hand and placed the most lovely ring on my finger. I took his hand i could feel the bond and love between us i began to place the ring on his finger slowly i said with this ring shows the sign of love and fidelity and with this ring i thee wed the pastor said so bravely i now pronounce you husband and wife i kissed him like i had never been kissed before.Evanore gloriana luciana swung the 2 big church doors open happy and feeling fearless her fiance Rogelio demoskish jumped up and down full of joy they got in the white and silver carriage that had just arrived in front of them both. She was on her way to the airport and she was going to the Bahamas for her honeymoon. Rogelio took the bags out of the car while kissing evanore over and over again. He loaded the plane with their baggage. They sat in their seats and the plane started to take off. They both hoped they wouldn’t get in a plane crash.They had just arrived at their hotel 5 miles away from the Bahamas. They enjoyed the beautiful view of the light blue sky and the beautiful blue and green ocean. They felt super excited they took the elevator to the 12th floor of the hotel they stayed at this fancy hotel called the Burj Al Arab. When we entered the room we saw gold colored curtains and a white shiny glass floor. The bathroom was teal and silver with gold flakes in the tiles.The moon began to rise before us on the balcony it was so beautiful me and my husband sat in the chairs and watched it for hours and then suddenly he said “ you know we still have a full bottle of champagne and there is a bed in the room with rose petals on it” i said back “ well we can always take some time to have a little fun if you know what i mean”. The next morning I woke up and made tons of omelets and tasty pancakes. Then Rogelio woke up and said “ something smells delightful “. well that's the smell of omelets for you. I had just finished making breakfast. My husband Rogelio told me he was going to take a shower it was strange because I heard him talking to someone on the phone. I wondered who that could be. 20 mins later he came out of the bathroom i asked him “ who were you talking to on the phone” he said “ oh that was nobody just a scam call” i respond “ oh ok wanna go to the beach” he respond sure” we began changing into are swimsuits the beach was packed with people everyone was enjoying their stay here it was so beautiful the water felt really cold and it got me thinking what if my husband is cheating on me already and i thought at that moment i would be so cold without him by my side.We had just got done swimming we went back inside my husband was changing into his boxers when i heard him on another call again in the room i walked in and caught him talking to a woman i said “ who the f*** are you talking to “ he jumed and said “nobody honey” i responded “ you know what im tired of youre stupid secrets who are you talking to” i took his phone and searched it and he was talking to a girl i saw the messages stating i love you babe to te girl he was talking to. I was super angry with him. He really hurt me this time. My heart fell off of a cliff and shattered on dry land. I told him to get out. I needed time to think. He said “ I wish you were less naive.” I said “I don't care, be more caring jerk.” He rushed out the door and slammed it. I started to cry thinking of our time together. It was all a lie I said in my head. 4 days later no word from him in those 4 boring days i sat in my room watching tv packing my bags getting ready to go all his stuff was still here and i didn’t want it to be i took the champagne in stuffed it in my suitcase and left the room sad and worried then i saw him walking down the hallway i had to accept the fact that we were done over are relationship is gone i had told him “ you’re stuff is packed catch your own plane and by the way i would have never cheated on you ever” and so i was on my way to the airport i finally arrived to the airport i got on and the plane took off 6 hours later and i’m finally back home. 9 months later I went drinking at the bar with some friends. I met this really hot guy. He said to me “ you look like you just broke up with somebody.” I said “ yeah actually I did . I broke up with a jerk.” We went back to my place and we ordered a take out. 2 years later and we are married and I told the family I have super big news my new husband's name is Lucas Ganzolaz. The news came out. I told everyone “ guys I have super huge news I'm pregnant! The shock on everyone's face would come back to haunt me for the rest of my life.S ome people would just get happy and yell in excitement but no they all had the face of shock and that's very tuff for me.Life is great tho i’m on my way to the doctor to get my first ultrasound im terrified of doctors but for my baby i will go. I had just arrived at the doctors. They called me back where i layed down on a cold bed. They pulled this cold gel on my belly and they took a machine and put it on my stomach and I asked “ how is the baby? Is the baby healthy? She answered '' yeah the babies are fine” i replied “ babies i'm only having one baby she said '' no you're having twins'' the shock on my face and my husbands face was surprising” wow we are having twins i told my husband it was super surprising to us i couldn’t even think of having twins just wait till we have to tell everyone else.I didn’t think i could ever have twins. We were getting in the car to go home on the way home this car pulled in front of us speeding and we crashed it was really bad my husband wasn’t moving i kept saying to him “ wake up please don’t leave us” the emt’s came they took my love away i went with them to the hospital when we got there they took him to the operation room he had several minor injuries i prayed for his life wouldn’t be over the doctors came out of the operation room and they said to me “ unfortunately your husbands heart stopped beating” i was devastated i was speechless i couldn’t move i stood there knowing that my babies would never get to meet their father. The hospital called every last one of my family members and told them the news.2 weeks later the funeral was about to begin i walked into the church and saw the huge picture of him i couldn’t look at the picture of him without crying it felt like i had lost both my kids my whole family and my soul. I couldn’t even go up to the stand and give the speech of a lifetime but then i was reminded of the days we spent together finally my abuela came she told me to get on that stand and speak for my love i got up and walked calmly to the stand i started to speak i gave a speech saying “ my husband was my life he held me he loved me he kissed me thru tough times he was amazing he was incredibly hot but most of all the way he made me feel he made me feel powerful, special, bright, he was everything to me it’s a terrible thing that someone so beautiful and bright had to go he didn’t deserve to die like that he deserved are twins he deserved my love but now he’s cold in a brown box that isn’t even great style so baby if you're listening to my speech i love you i’ve always loved you i will continue to love you as long as i live thank you guys for coming to the funeral today in honor of my husband he was very brave and noble thank you.I left in an uber my car had been destroyed after the accident.Sitting in this Uber car i played the scene of me and my husband crashing over and over again in my head i just wanted the pain to stop. A month passed by i had been seeing a therapist about my husband i was almost over him i am 7 months pregnant 2 more months to go the twins have gotten fat in my stomach i still had things to do like build the nursery and paint and shop for baby clothes i'm having both girls. 10 more weeks later i was getting into the shower when i started having painful contractions while my abuela was here she heard my loud screams and came rushing into the bathroom she started to panic and i kept telling her to get the phone and she didn’t i screamed at her and said “GET THE PHONE NOW THIS IS PAINFUL AND YOU NEVER HAD TO GO THRU THIS PAIN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE” she started to stop panicking and screamed “I DO KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE I HAD YOU'RE MOTHER AND MADE A LOT OF MISTAKES RAISING HER SO DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME I DON'T KNOW WHAT PAIN FEELS LIKE”we made it to the hospital i was dialated at 10 cenemeters i started to push the doctors telling me to push and breath finally i gave my one big final push 5 minutes of pushing for a lifetime of happiness i pushed one last time and there they were two very beautiful baby twin girls named isadora and violet my abuela cut the cords and then i fell asleep sound asleep with my baby girls in my arms and thats when i knew that the life i have is special the end. 


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