Deep Rai


YOU and ME

November 17, 2020

Little prankster Deira starts his first grade school day by falling from stairs, taunting his mom, and laughing as always. But after he reached school, he realized about the prank mom had played on him. He was an hour early and alone among the students till a girl named Kayra appeared. She happened to be his classmate. Their start was not friendly, but they happened to get along. 
With other companions joining them, they climbed through the classes and soon were in 8th grade. That year was almost over among the smiles that surround our growing Deira. 
Then came 20th January 2018, a month was left for the final written test and end of middle school. It was a fine day. Kayra's parents had picked her from school and were on the way while Deira waited for his father. It happened on Turmni Hill right to the school gate. When Kayra's SUV reached the top, another car hit it at the forbidden speed making the poor black SUV roll down to the bottom. In those 3 seconds, every single soul in the circle had stopped to the sound of one meta human hitting a building and crushing it to dust.  Deira stood at the gate for a few seconds till someone hit him while running towards Kayra's car, and then he joined them to reach the car. It was blood all over Kayra, and her parents were in the car unconscious when aid arrived. Deira was among the crowd seeing his best friend on the verge of death.
Then someone from the hill shouted, 'this man' is fine. Deira raised his head to see his father coming out of his car. His forehead was bleeding, but he could still stand. But Deira wasn't worried about him, neither was he worried about the fact that his father had just hit his best friend's car to hell. The only thing his mind can transit was the girl he lived his childhood with at the wink of death. An ambulance arrived at the sight in a few minutes and took all 4 injured. 
Later Deira visited the hospital along with his mother. There he found out Kayra's father had passed away. He went to meet Kayra but was denied by the doctors due to her bad condition. Then he went to where his father and mother were. He was glad to know his father was fine. Yet, he can't go home as this incident had gone under legal hands. 
In the police investigation and statement given by Deira's dad, it was confirmed that Mr. Tiar[Deira's dad] was guilty. He was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and was fined $5000. 

Deira didn't attend Mr. Nestor's {Kayra's dad} funeral. 3 days later, Deira went to school and rendezvoused into her in the hallway. He tried to be normal, but things weren't normal at all. 
"Hey Kayra, wanna grab some bit after school."
"So, these are your words after all this stuff."
She went away without an answer. Tears were falling back, and everybody glanced at Deira in the hall. He went to his classroom. 
Soon even their tests were over, but they hadn't talked yet. 

Dates moved on like that, but Deira couldn't get over that incident. He isolated himself in his imagination. Stated his father to be guilty of all this and lived through high school life alone. He was consumed in darkness, feared society, and suffered all alone.
Then the girl who he thought had left him alone in the dark took his hand, lead him to light, and showed him the true world.
She helped Diera recover from 'Social Phobia' and made him forget those tragic chapters of life he was stuck in. They decided to read the remaining chapters of life together as they fell in love and moved towards the end. 
But, what could have been a happy ending turned itself into another story itself.
Even after facing difficulties while interacting with people, Deira somehow found a good place in the world and was ready to live the rest of his life normally. Yet again, it didn't go normally. History repeated itself, and Deira found himself alone as Kayra was charged with an attempt to murder. However, this time, Deira had to escape from the dark himself once and for all. He had to find light not just to escape from Darkness but to also save Kayra.


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