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Being a Hero is Harder than Expected (Excerpt)

November 17, 2020

"You say that you are planning something... is that correct?"
"Yes, that is correct. In fact, I've been planning something for quite a long while..."
"What is your plan exactly?"
"I cannot tell you any exact specifics about my plan, but I will tell you a brief summary and why I've been planning something. Let me ask you this, what do you see when looking through the cafeteria?"
"Students eating and talking with their friends?"
"Well yes... but actually no. I wouldn't say that anyone in this building has 'friends'."
"What makes you say such a controversial statement?"
"This social hierarchy we call 'school' is hidden in a sea of lies. It's very subtle, and only someone like me has only noticed through years of observation. The social hierarchy is a dog eat dog world and the only method for students to 'survive' is to conceal their true personalities and put on a 'mask'. A fake personality to deceive people into liking you. No one cares about you until you put on a mask. People who do not put on a mask will be deemed, peasants. Those who do put on a mask, rise tall beyond the rest, but with the price of losing their own true selves. Those who attempt to put on a mask and fail, suffer harsh consequences like bullying. For example, if a student pretended to be a popular kid but was exposed to being a geek, they would be mocked. This would also imply that all relationships are so-called fake, and is nothing genuine from both sides. Of course, this is only a small percentage of the countless flaws rooted in this toxic student culture. Common things such as betrayal and rejection are significantly worse considering it wasn't even sincere, to begin with. I'd rather be rejected by a girl that I had genuine feelings for rather than pretend I had feelings for one and get rejected."
"I don't get it, why would it be worse to get rejected by a girl that you never had feelings for?" 
"If I was rejected by a girl I never had feelings for, then I would feel nothing at that moment. If I was rejected by a girl that I had genuine feelings for, then I would feel everything at that moment. Feeling everything is better than feeling nothing." 
"Still doesn't make sense but I'm sort of getting behind what you're talking about."
"Well anyway, see the popular guy sitting at the corner table with a bunch of girls?"
"Yes, I've heard a little bit about him. Every time I pass by him in the hallway girls have been following him and whispering among themselves."
"I've been in the same classes with him so far, and every class all the girls have been clinging onto him."
"But it's only the first week of high school..."
"That's the catch, they don't actually have genuine feelings for him. They only cling to him for popularity and power. There are many of those kinds of people, parasites, and is a step to rise in the rankings."
"Wait, so if that's how people rise in what you call 'rankings', then who is at the top? Who would be in control of everything?"
"Technically the 'popular' kids rank the highest, but those who have the most power and are in control of everything, are the students who are pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Those students could be anyone."
"Do you have any idea who they could be?"
"They're most likely upperclassmen in the student government. That's where I'm presuming the people pulling the strings are from."
"The student government? Isn't there over 200 student members?"
"Yes, all of them a mix of lowerclassmen and upperclassmen. A perfect hiding place in plain view."
"So what even is your plan?"
"To overthrow and deconstruct this social hierarchy by canceling the central powers, then expose the flaws and lies deeply rooted within the system, thus creating anarchy. I'm a bit of a sadist and everyone will see me as a villain first, but history will see me as a hero."
"Why are you even telling me all this stuff? Are we friends or something?"
"No, I wouldn't call us friends, but nor foe, depending on if you follow the social hierarchy which I'm sure you'll fall into right away. Anyone who follows the social hierarchy is an enemy of mine. Even if that's everyone, I will single-handedly do everything by myself if needed to."
"I don't even know anymore... maybe you're just overcomplicating things... you're just crazy..."
"Oh? Am I? Well then... consider this a declaration of war. Go chat with your so-called friends over there. I never planned to do this while making friends, I'm doing this for the greater good."
The student silently stood up, took his tray, and walked to where his friends were located. As he was walking away, I began to smirk a bit in relief. How cruel.


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    WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME TO WTW! idk why i put it all in caps. if you need help w/anything, comment on one of my pieces and i'll get back to you! i also recommend sci-Fi, Paisley Blue, Anne Blackwood, Rohan's Defender, SunV, mindfruit, FantasyOtter12, Emi, almost flora kane, mirkat, and doodleninja for advice, support, and amazing writing.

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