Souled Out


❝will you still smile at me
when the world is burning?❞


i'm souled out.

Message from Writer

he didn't like the way his heart fluttered when he thought of his enemy, the way he found himself yearning for those smiles and the few genuine laughs. they were supposed to be separate, fighting for their own causes, weapons aimed at the other's throat. but, instead, he found himself here, laying underneath the stars and pointing out all the constellations his enemy couldn't name. what a fool he was, what a fool they were. this wouldn't last. the world was never kind to those who deviated from their paths.

the ilmestys

November 16, 2020


the crew of a doomed vessel
slipping through the abyss
inky darkness
sparks of light as they drift
the cosmos are vast
overflowing with danger
and the crew
was destined to die here
the moment they stepped
onto the ilmestys


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