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"The ones who give the most are the ones who regret the least."


November 16, 2020


The world screams constantly to "Leave your mark!"
"Create your legacy!" 
"Make yourself remembered."
But that's the thing. Its impossible to leave a legacy in this world. A hundred or so years down the road, no one is going to know who you are. No one is going to care who you were. They are gonna be focused on their own legacy. What they want to be remembered for forever. Its a constant cycle. But what if… What if you were remembered for not who you were but for what you believed. I believe in a God who sent his only Son to die a horrific death in order that we may be with him forever. I believe that, because of my sin, I do not have the ability to be close to be with my Heavenly Father. But he came down to earth to bring me to him. 
So what if I was remembered, not by what I did or how much money I make or how good of an athlete I am. What if I….. All Christians, strived to make the name of Christ known, instead of their own. People would be saved, souls would be changed, the world would begin to know the Love of a God who cares. 
So decide now. Will you seek to make your own legacy that will not last, or seek to make a legacy that will last? Not for your own name, but for one that transforms those who don't have a relationship with God. 


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