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Otium sine litteris mors est et hominis vivi sepultura.
(Leisure without literature is death and burial of the man alive)

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The Hall of Memories

November 17, 2020

Lead-up to The Conversation (Near Climax)
Alex walked through the tall ebony doors of the guest hall. It was much larger than he had remembered. The door slowly closed behind him. Again, he felt the cold, lifelessness of the room. 
Alex thought he would find solace again in the room that began his journey, that a room with warmth and colour would be comforting; but unsurprisingly, its grandiosity and the sheer power it symbolises only made him feel the same hopelessness. Again. 
Alex listened closely for any sounds, or rather, lack thereof. The usual bustle of androids rolling in and out of doors, the whirring of machines running in the room adjacent, or even the cheery music that would echo down hallways, was gone. He checked the time. 
1259 and 58...59...1300...
Nothing. Not even the time was indicated. He looked around the room
No speakers. 
He pressed his ear against the door, expecting to hear the end of an hour alarm
Sound proof doors. 
The hall was silent. Eerily so. 
Alex decided to walk around the hall for the first time. Everything was vaguely, as he remembered it to be. Large glass chandeliers drooped from the ceiling, contrasting against the blue, almost navy, velvet curtains. Bookshelves housing books of all colours surrounded a rectangular ebony table, grained and polished the same as the doors he just entered through. Three matching velvet-covered chairs stood at three ends, like guards standing to attention, protecting what seems to be-
A fallen door. 
Alex walked to the table and ran his fingers along the long edge until his fingers felt a small indent. He peeled aside a small piece of cork covering the hole and dug his finger into it. 
And a bullet-sized hole. 
He scanned the room again. This time, his eye settled on a small glass statue perched on a wooden stand. He picked it up and turned it around, looking for a-
Blood stain.
Alex began to remember. 
Suddenly, he lost his balance and fell to the ground. He looked up to the source of the attack, and the Leader stood over him. He raised the glass statue once again, stained with his blood, preparing to strike a second time. Alex tried to crawl away from the image. He shut his eyes and concentrated on it.
I don’t see it I don’t see it I don-
The second strike landed across Alex’s chest. He clutched his chest and fell to the ground. Alex wanted to scream, but all the air had been knocked out of his lungs. He reached for the wooden stand and dragged himself to his feet. 
The image raised the glass statue again, this time, it would shatter across his skull. Alex concentrated on the image again. 
I don’t see it I don’t see it I don’t see it-
The image fizzled away in his mind. 
So the only memory I can recall is painful. Spectacular. 
Alex inspected his wounds. Unsurprisingly, there was none, not even a single drop of blood left his body. 
Although, I prefer remembering something
Alex closed his hand around the enhancement on his head. 
This will be the first to go. 
Alex, clutching on to the wooden stand, looked to the place where the event had occurred, seven months ago. Sure enough, there was also a blood stain on the blue velvet chair. The image of the Leader appeared again, this time, he was speaking. 
“Get up, Alex.“ Alex didn’t wait for him to continue, and lashed out at the image with his mind. The image disappeared - In its place, some sort of door, shaped just like the entrance to the guest hall. 
Alex wearily opened the door to reveal-
Absolutely nothing. 
As Alex turned to leave, the door slowly closed behind him. He was met with complete darkness. Alex felt around his surroundings for the wooden stand he held on to and held on to it for support. Sure enough, the image was only in his mind. Then, dozens of lit screens appeared in the darkness. Two of which depicted a desert, one with a large vehicle of some sort. People were running towards it as a second large vehicle bore down on them. The second image, was not that of the desert, rather on close inspection, the Earth. 
Alex turned to the third image. A young man with a blonde complexion smiled at him. 
“Did you sleep at all last night?” 
Alex turned to the third image. The same man held a large rifle. He was in some sort of training arena. 
“Lets give this thing a whirl.” He fired a bright laser from it, no doubt destroying the target in front of him, his smile echoed the glee from the one prior.  
Alex turned to the fourth image, then the fifth, the sixth...
Each one depicted the same blonde man. Alex paid close attention to the fifth. The blonde man seems to be walking down a tight corridor, he carried a stretcher with a body on it. No smile could be seen on that one. 
Alex turned to the seventh image, expecting the same blonde man, but he was met with a woman. Alex suddenly felt an insurmountable wave of distress building up in his chest. 
The woman was looking at Alex from across a table, she was conversing with...
Me. Shes talking to me. 
Alex turned to the eighth image. The woman was sitting next to him, as he read from a book. 
Oliver Twist. 
Thats his name. His name is Oliver. 
He looked back at the first images. Oliver smiled at him and asked him if he slept last night. Oliver fired a weapon at a practice target and destroyed it. Oliver walked ahead of him as they arrived at a small town. 
The insurmountable wave continued to build in his chest. For the first time in months, Alex struggled to control his emotions. Tears fell down his face like rain. 
Alex concentrated on the last image. Thousands of people stood before him, both the woman and Oliver stood in front, their heads lowered. The Leader stood next to him. 
Alex looked towards the woman. 
“Ah, so you know her?” The Leaders voice boomed in his head. “Right-“
The Leader fired his weapon, and the woman fell to the ground. Oliver cried out and dropped to the floor. 

Alex finally gave in. He collapsed to the floor and sobbed desperately. Alex didn’t know why he cried, he didn’t know who that woman was, who Oliver was, or where he was; But it didn’t matter. Alex felt a sharp pain around his heart as he continued to sob. He didn’t know what he was feeling, but it was definitely not just pain. 


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