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The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, I Will Always Write Back by Caitlin Alifrenka & Martin Ganda, A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool, and Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo.

Message to Readers

Maybe you all already like to read, since we are writers here at WtW, after all... but I feel this is something I needed to say. So many kids don't like to read, but I say: don't give up! Let me know how this piece made you feel and if it's relatable if you have the time. :)

Why Books Are No Joke

November 16, 2020


i used to push them away,
tell them on the shelf they would stay

reading used to be a chore,
reading used to be a bore

i would have rather gone out to play,
or stayed inside watching television all day

reading was something for nerds and for school,
the only reason i read: because i had to, it was the rule

but to all those who don't like to read:
you just haven't found the right book yet, and a good book is all you need

now i can read for so long,
and the truth is i don't understand what used to go wrong

sure, it takes a lot to read well,
just as it takes a lot for a book to sell

but there is a book on it all,
you could read through summer, winter, spring, and fall

once you have a book in your hands,
i'm telling you: in your way nothing stands

do it if it's a chore,
do it if it's a bore

for before long,
you'll realize you were wrong!

so to all those who don't like to read:
you just haven't found the right book yet, and a good book is all you need
About the piece: Believe it or not, I used to think of reading as a chore when I was little. Now I could read all day! I never would have imagined I would want to be a writer when I grow up until recently.

If you don't like to read, please give it another shot! My advice is to read outside of school, don't just read the books they give you. Not every book is for everyone, and if you don't like the book you have to read for school, no wonder reading feels like a chore (especially when you have to do it)! I say start with a fiction novel. Nothing too hard or boring, pick a book that is on something you like. And don't be afraid to try books outside of prose, you might just be surprised at what you can read and what you enjoy! (Books in verse aren't as tricky as they seem. In fact, they're my best friends right now!)

All you have to do is find the right book. I know you can do it!


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  • Rose A. (semi hiatus)

    I HATED reading when I was younger. I would check out books, though. They would be dog books, and I would just look at the pictures.

    2 months ago