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April 1st? No?

January 6, 2021


"Come on, it's time to wake up.", she says shaking me kind of roughly, I grumble at her, folding the pillow over my head.
"Gen and Jensen are coming out today-", I sit straight up at that, what?! No, Gen and Jensen aren't available to come until May 4th- oh God, okay yea she got me for a second, today's April 1st.
"You scared me!", I laugh, "Happy April Fools."
"It's May 4th, love. Are you feeling alright?"
"Alright you need to drop it.", I laugh, sliding socks on.
"Drop-wha-okay sure. Sure.", she walks off and I grab my phone. "May 4th", I mumble reading off my screen. No way. It was March 31st last night, it was. I grab Lex's phone, it says that too, how did she do that? The phones slide out of my hands, crashing to the floor.
"You alright in here?"
"Yea, sorry.", I put the phones on the bed.
"Come on let's get you some breakfast, you're acting funny.", she guides me to the kitchen where there's already toast, bacon, and apple juice.
"Thanks love.", I say trying not to look too freaked out. I get an idea; the calendar on the wall. MAY 4TH! It says May 4th and the days leading up to it are crossed out. There are events on the calendar I didn't know about, shots being filmed, it all makes sense, everything's in order workwise and apparently we went to DisneyLand for our birthday weekend, we were born a few days apart, a year apart, I'm older, I'm 25 now, weird.
"We went to DisneyLand?", I ask skeptically, that's a little far fetched.
"Yea, I surprised you for our birthday, Remember? On April 1st? I told you we weren't doing anything and you found the tickets in the glove box?"
"Today is April first!"
"Okay, darling, let's finish breakfast now so we can get going, it's important we're not late, Gen and Jensen won't like that, they have 8 kids, and get everywhere half an hour early.", Gen and Jensen aren't a couple really they're best friends who had kids together, they wanted a big family and each other and I admire that, they seem like the type to know what they want and be possibly mean about it, so I would like to be not late. I've had actual nightmares of accidently using female pronouns on Gen, Gen's non-binary,they use they/them pronouns and I don't want to be disrespectful, Jensen is known to be extremely protective over Gen and I don't want any trobule, they're both known for starting trouble, but Jensen? He's known for starting things CONSTANTLY. We finish up breakfast and get dressed.
"Ready?",  she asks, getting behind the wheel, how she's so awake at 3:15 in the morning is beyond me. I grumble, closing my eyes, leaning the seat back, today's going to be a long day, May 4th or not, which I still don't think it is, but whatever.
"Baby, we're here.", she whispers, nudging me awake. I nod, getting out, catching the first crew member I see.
"Oh! Uh, good morning sir!"
"Morning, yea, um, what's today?"
"May 4th, Gen and Jensen are scheduled to come at 5 am, something with their flight.", I nod, mumbling a thanks, following after my weird wife.
"Morning everyone! The directors are in the house!", she calls, making everyone clap for us, like she does every morning.
"Are we ready for a full day?!", everyone cheers, a loud clap coming from behind, we turn around and it's Jensen holding his kid who uses they/them pronouns.
"Good morning!", he greets, shaking my hand then my wife's.
"Good morning, nice to meet you too, I see you brought little Spider. ", his kid's not actually named Spider, they have a secret name they use at home, or so it's rumoured at least.
"Yea, sorry, the little one wanted to see what Gen and daddy did at work.", Jensen replies, putting the four year old down.
"No, it's okay, and if they would like to, and it was okay with Gen and dad, we could use a cute little kid in some scenes....."
"Really?! Can I Gen?! Please?"
"Sure little Spider.", Gen replies, I stay with Gen and Spider explaining what we want Jensen to do. Jensen is playing Janus, a 54 year old astronomer who went missing 15 years prior to the story, leaving behind his younger brother and daughter behind. Jimmy Kain plays Jared, the younger brother and Lex plays the daughter, Lacey. I play Lacey's husband Brighton, so Lex and I wrote this movie, we're directing it, and we're acting in it, it's great but it's still work, it's still hard. Jensen and Gen came ready, they had the scripts memorized beyond Jensen's part, Gen knew the way we directed, what we expected and amped it up, but I still couldn't shake the whole  date thing. When I was alone with Gen I asked what day it was, they said, May 4th, I asked if they were a part of something, a prank or something and they awkwardly walked off. I'll figure this out, I mean I would have remembered DisneyLand! I'm only 24! 25 I guess, if my birthday did past which I KNOW it didn't! This is ridiculous! Anyhow the day goes on without a hitch, any further hitches I guess, the whole date debacle being pushed back into my brain until I finally catch Lex alone.
"Hello, love.", she smiles, I look at her with an eyebrow raised.
"What?", she laughs like it's funny which it is not!
"I know what you're doing..."
"What am I doing?"
"You're pranking me,"
"And why would I do that, my love?"
"Because it's April 1st and you're a jerk."
"I'm not a jerk, let's say 'bye' to everyone and get you to bed.", she drags me away.
"Spider! What day is it?"
"May 4th!", they smile.
"You got the kid in on it too?!"
"In on what?"
"You know what I mean! It was March 31st yesterday!", she's laughing hysterically now.
"That proves it! You're laughing!", I spot a pizza delivery guy wandering around the set and I sprint at him, Lex right on my tail.
"No! No! Wait! Don't bother him-", I grab the guy by the shoulders.
"What day is it?"
"April 1st?", I let go of him.
"HA! IN YOUR FACE ALEXENA SCOTT FUENTES!", I call, pointing at her violently. She's laughing so hard right now, her face is red and she's hunched over.
"I WIN!", I say.
"Yea, yea, after a whole what?", she looks at the nonexistent watch on her wrist.
"16 hours?!", she wheezes, pointing at me now.
"Sure, baby, sure. April Fools, whatever, whatever, let's go home.", I plop in the passenger's seat.
"Can you look in the glove box for me?", I do so without question, coming out with two tickets in my hands.
"WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND?!", she smiles, laughing.
"Yea, Happy Birthday!"
"Alexena, I swear to God if this is a prank-"
"No! I'm mischievous not evil, baby!"


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  • Nikki

    haha, this is such an adorable piece! i love the character and his wife so much! though it took me a while to get the setting straight, i really liked reading it. lovely job!

    6 months ago