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I Am Afraid

February 26, 2021


I am afraid to raise a daughter
only to see her become
battered and bruised,
gaslighted and ignored,
fighting to stay afloat
in a storm where the lifeboats are reserved
for men. 

I am afraid to raise a son
only to see him become
cold and hallow,
told over and over 
feelings don't matter,
accomplishments do.

I am afraid to raise a child
only to see them become
hidden and alone
constantly told who they are isn't natural
rejected by a world that thinks
gender should only come in two flavors.

I am afraid to raise a person
only to see them become
trapped and lost,
being hated
for finding love,
for being different.

I am afraid to raise kid
only to see them become
full of hatred and loathing
they target at themselves
brought up in a world insistent
on dragging them down
insisting they're not enough
until they believe it too.

I am afraid to raise a human being
only to see them become
timid and terrified,
keeping their head down,
for their
keeps a target on their back,
glowing red.

I am afraid to raise a generation
only to see it become
the symbol of hatred and pressure
it fought so hard against, 
submitting to 
"the way the world works."


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1 Comment
  • Parisienne

    Wow!! This is so powerful I love it!!!! :)

    2 months ago