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so just realized I never posted the third part last saturday--so i am sorry I'm a week (and a day) late ;)

This is the third part of a short series called heartbreak. It is my take on the whole "soulmate-trope" and set in an AU

a thank you/ SHOUTOUT to
The Ravenclaw Phoenix
for helping me find a name for the girl. I loved the name Mallory and the meaning (unlucky) fits so well!
But also thank you to everyone else who gave me name ideas--it was super helpful :)

LMK if you want to be updated on upcoming parts!

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TWO possible, brand new series!

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LMK if you want to be updated when I post!

growing | continuation of heartbreak series | 3

November 15, 2020


“Do you want coconut milk in that latte? We have almond milk too,” the coffee barista asked. Her tone was sweet--matching the tone of compassion I had grown used to.
    “Almond milk would be perfect, thanks,” I replied. 
    “I’ll bring that over in a sec!” The barista flashed a warm smile as she turned back into the steaming cloud of coffee. 
    “Where do you want to sit, Mallory?” Teddy asked, adjusting his hat. “Corner table?” 
    “Sure,” I said, smiling. Teddy knew we always sat at the same table to study. As we pulled out our binders, I felt myself begin to relax. That is, until Teddy reminded me of the result of my Social Studies test.
    “Don’t even try to deny it,” he said with a laugh. “I saw it before you turned the paper over--a 76?”
    “Don’t remind me!” I tried to frown, but I couldn’t help laughing with Teddy. “Honestly, I don’t know what happened. I studied really hard! The geography section threw me.”
    “I told you we should’ve studied more--”
    “Pfft, whatever. I’ll make it up with some redos. What was your score? An A, I assume--as usual…”
    “Here’s the Vanilla Latte with almond milk and your White Mocha!” It was a different barista who brought our drinks. “Anything else I”--the barista’s eyes widened as she locked eyes with me--“can get you two?” The barista tried to play off her hesitation, but it was a reaction I often got.
    “No, uh, we’re good for now,” Teddy said.
    The barista nodded and rushed back towards the counter, behind which she disappeared. 
    “Mal, you okay? You played that off pretty cool,” Teddy said, shifting his baseball cap--it was a habit of his, shifting his cap. I don’t even think he realized he did it. 
    “Used to it by now,” I replied. And I was. 
Sometimes it was funny--the look of shock and then confusion as the person tries to play off their reaction and pretend they didn’t notice. Other times, though, it was...difficult. The look of confused children as they notice my white lips, the tugging at their mother’s arms, the hushed responses, the pity-filled glances. 
    Alice gave me some of her lipstick to hide my mark--but I got tired of constantly needing to reapply. Plus it dried out my lips. 
Mrs. Serrano, my math teacher who was there that day, comforted me by saying it would be easier if I grew from the experience, rather than try to run from it.
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