Mckenna Barton

United States


November 17, 2020

    17 years ago, from another world a child was born, she was brought to earth to get away from a dying planet and the Bounty Hunter. A bounty hunter is a hunter that makes many races of people disappear, or so he thought. This child managed to survive for many years, without an incident, until she met a wolf bigger than 6-feet, at an age and time she was told that she was the last, of her kind, and the only one to keep the Wolf Warriors from also going extinct.
Fate can be a funny and strange thing, but it is an amazing thing.  From the first day of seeing you at the WWF base to prepare us, Elites for war, to becoming the highest ranking general in the WWF. At the War Worth Fighting base, you showed others that you weren’t scared of anybody, and you weren’t afraid to put them in their place. 
    Like I said, fate can be a funny thing.  Just thinking about you, and your intimidating facial expressions, but also the small smiles that you gave me, and I liked that about you. The second time meeting you, you were in the mandatory clothing of the military, camouflage, of a button up tee and pants, with a name tag of Lucian. Jazmine Lucian. 
    You had your brown hair tied up with one side braid into a ponytail, and a stern look on your face. But the most beautiful blue eyes with specks of green, that showed many emotions.
    It was that day that I somehow managed to fall in love with you. It was later when you were injected with the symbiosis, that Doc. Limestone accumulated  as it was found in space. It was one of the last Wolf pack warriors, that is what we call them.
    Us nine kids were to be used in this war, against the other riveling nations. The main idea was to inject us with wolf DNA, but there were no regular wolves; they were warriors from another world, Wolf Warriors, as they called themselves. 
    When you were injected, there was something different about you. Your playful sarcastic tone, caring for others, changed slightly. I blame the doctor for the whole thing, so during the whole incident you were hurt, by me and everybody surrounded by. 
    Fate is a funny thing because I hold the essence of the mate of your Wolf Warrior, and I have fallen in love with you Jazmine. 
    When I arrived at the base, the name Lukas Brime, became someone I’m fond of. First impressions are always key, he seemed to be that friendly person that you could get along with. He had dusty blond hair and had amazingly pretty blue eyes with specks of gray. Although something about him reminded me of myself.
I just lost my mother and was dragged to a strange place, to the WWF base. You greeted me with a smile and I somehow became happy after a tragic event, you were the one that helped my smile come back.
Then the injection happened, there was something that nobody knew, I come from a different planet, from a different race of people, and the Wolf Warriors had a treaty with my people. So when Doc. Limestone injected me with the Alpha of the remaining of the warrior wolves, I also became the leader of the Elites, the nine kids to fight in the upcoming war.
Her name is Sheena, and somehow her brother managed to make contact with me before I was forced to join in the war. While I was away from the base 
I began to learn about my past, my life, and how my race is almost extinct, through Sheena.
    When I met Rider, Sheena’s brother, he told me to be careful, “You're the last of your kind, so be careful. Jazmine Lucian. We’ll see each other again later, take care.” With all this weight on my shoulders, I was taken from someone that actually cared for me.
    Now all that I’ve gained during this apocalypse I have to put to find Him again. Since the battle that was fought against the Bounty Hunter, I lost Lukas and was in horrible shape. I know Lukas is still alive, but I can’t find him, and I still think of his “I love you.”, all the time.
    When the apocalypse started, it was a frightening experience, zombies coming out and people dying, but most of all, the Elites were forced on the battle lines. Then add to the battle in Russia, between the two powerful beings in the open land. Many powerful gusts that pushed away any intruders of the fight, Alex Bruce stayed by Doc. Limestone constantly. Lukas ran to the fight, but the other Elites stayed and watched him run to the battlefield.
    Before the zombie apocalypse Doc. Limestone managed to give all the Elites their wolf warriors. The Wolf Warriors are symbiosis, they connect to your body, and it's like having a second mind. You can take the form as the Wolf Warrior, but it leaves you fatigue until you get the hang of their form.
    Fate is a strange and funny thing, Lukas Brime and Jazmine Lucian are mates, by their wolf warriors, but also by their blossomed love. So while Jazmine goes through many struggles and adventures through the crazy world of the zombies. With her sword of unknown powers, a necklace with a mystery destiny, and the will to find her love.
For Lukas, it’s finding Jazmine and to help her be safe from the Bounty Hunter. He knows of her powers, and worries about how her body is going to take it. So through this crazy world, fate will bring them back together, “but when?”, is the question. 


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