Ridwan Hussain

United States

Life of a Farm Boy

November 17, 2020

     One by one drifting away, leaves falling never to stay. Witnessing so much throughout their life turning different shades. Unfortunately, It was time to pass away. Falling on warm grass and carried by the wind so the leaves could meet a better end. The tree had shed tears to see her children pass away. The cries of the trees can be heard throughout the night and this was never a beautiful sight. Months and months later, the tree was beautiful and carried more children. The children blossomed and grew, as their life continued for the rest of the year. Once autumns leave carried ashore, the tree had always remembered her babies. The new generation had already arrived and the tree held her tears until the next fall was to come. Mother Nature told the trees to never get attached, because later on they will never get their babies back...

     "Its beautiful" Jake said, looking at his work as if it was a piece of art. He looked outside as the sun had began to set. He had a close connection to nature and poetry. Jake always loved the fresh morning breeze. Growing up on a farm wasn't that easy you know. He didn't have much friends because everybody looked down on him. Nobody ever liked the farm kid. Jake ran over to the barnyard, and decided to say hi to his only pal. "Hey Bob" Jake said. When Bob saw Jake, he tackled him in happiness. "How ya doing bud" Jake said. Bob never talked, he was a cow. After fighting for a couple minutes, Jake had said bye and walked over to Creek where he spends most of his time. He sat down and laid his back against the tree and looked up into the sky. "What am I doing" he said to himself. There's so many things Jake needed to do before his parents got home but he decided to leave that for later. The breeze felt gentle and swift and he said to himself, "Mom and Dad aren't going to come home in another hour I can take a little nap". Every so gently, Jake had fallen fast asleep. 

        "MOOO" said Bob. Jake had been startled awake. "OH NO" Jake said to himself in a panic. Bob and Jake had an agreement where Bob would yell as loud as he can when he heard a car pull in and Jake would have to feed Bob more then usual. Jake bolted to the house through the back door and opened the front door for his parents. He looked calm on the outside but was panicked on the inside because he looked to the right and saw the dishes dirty and the room a mess. Mom said "How are you doing sweetie I haven't seen you in forever" and kissed him on the forehead. She walked in and when she saw the dishes, she just gave Jake a mean stare. His dad walked in next saying "Stupid Cow, we might have to put him down". Jake yelled "DONT DO THAT, I mean you shouldn't do that Pops". Jakes dad gave him a weird look and walked right past him. He looked at the dishes and the messed up couch and said "Well I'm not fixing that and neither is your mother, get too it kiddo". "I don't know where they've been but thank god it put them in a good mood" Jake thought. His parents would normally go crazy if they came home to a mess. After tidying things up, Jake went to bed and decided he never wanted to wake up.

   "BEEP BEEP" Jakes alarm said. He almost slammed the alarm and said "UGH, I have school". Life in high school was a nightmare. His mom and dad were never up in the morning and tended to wake up at 10:00 pm. He did all the things a normal person would do in the morning except for the fact he wasn't normal. School wasn't that far so he yelled "MOOO" to Bob and Bob yelled back. He left for school and wondered what disasters might happen today. 

     Jake didn't have the nicest of the clothes and got bullied a lot for being poor. He walked past the people snickering in the halls saying, "Honey where's my shotgun" in a weird accent. His classes weren't that bad today compared to any other day. Lunch is where things go down however so he hides in the bathroom. Unfortunately, Bathrooms were closed today due to a infestation. His school stoops to the lowest of the lows. Jake was forced to go to lunch and sat next to another kid he's never seen before. It was a girl with glasses and long hair. He told himself not to say anything and lunch went pretty well until the Seniors had walked to our table. "Look at you little dorks" one of them said and another one threw a sandwich at me. At this point the whole cafeteria was looking at Jake and when one of them spilled milk on the girl who was so afraid, Jake stood up. "Back off Jerk". "I'm dead" he thought. The senior said, "what are you going to do about it wimp". He pushed Jake back down to the seat. Jake looked around and then punched him in the face. He then jumped over the lunch table and ran for the doors being chased my a mob of angry henchmen. When he looked back, he saw the girls relieved face and smiled however she was still soaked in milk. Jake thought he was a superhero and looked back forward again and ran into a wall. He almost passed out but saw someone jump in front of him and scared at the other seniors away. So dizzy, he thought it was Bob, but it was a security guard and he got rushed into the medical room. He then completely passed out and who knows what lies for him next.

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