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I enjoy reading and been doing this as my past time a lot.
Love cooking, and learning in general. But I am not overly fond of school.
I plan to try different styles through my 4 years I have here.

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November 19, 2020


 This is more of something I want to try out. Or my first drabble(?) don't know the correct term. I've seen couple of these that are like a psychoanalysis. Most recent was Beth r's, and the Enneagram Types by SunV. I figured why not?

These are my speculations on types of members of this community.

1. Scarily pensive.
Like, deep and philosophical and sort of a low baritone sort of work. (Pretty much me.)

2. Eloquent, short, and simple.

3. Very charismatic and humorous. I'd always look at their work and be like o-0 because my humor tends to lean onto the terrible joke side. And I mean the punny or dry humor sort. I'm surrounded by people older than me where I live.

4. Precise, cut reviewers.

5. Ambi—something
Like amphibian. Or ambivert. Only it's writing. Able to fluidly switch from pensive to light hearted or lighthearted on serious subjects (but toned down a bit).

6. Too humble.
I kid you not, I've seen people put something in their bio about their writing and it turns out just humble. I'd look at their prompts as the thought This ain't average, passes through.
Too. Humble. 

7. A sponge—
Superpower: absorb almost anything. I kid you not, I've seen it happen (but I forgot where). Though that's mostly in reviews. I go away for a minute (okay maybe not a minute) and I see an edited version of their work and *beautiful*. 

8. Hobby
I sometimes get the feeling of hobby. I respect them because a lot of people sees writing as "just a skill" or a "just a career" or school. I'm well aware there are also lots of people in the community who sees it as a daily part of life too, along with pursuing a career (so please don't get offended)

Writing is to communicate with your heart. English teachers love overemphasizes grammar that funnily enough, I hated writing and reading. Actually I thought reading was dull back then. My ELA teachers in elementary might've enforced that. 

9. Trying out something new.
It's in the name. Again, I respect. 

10. Like Rīndo Kobayashi in Shokugeki
Loves going from food stand to food stand to try out food throughout the entire competition. (Semi-me)

11. Revolutionary
Like the "we're going to get through this together," Hamilton (Show) references, and teens unite!

I'm likely going to be in one of those subcategories. My money's on "Teen's unite!" I only made one Hamilton reference and I edited it out in my first prompt because it made the dialogue too long. Looks like I threw away my shot for my first prompt to be punny. (This is me paying back my dues)

In summary: They want to touch the world's heart. 
Who here is screaming "I've been exposed!"?


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  • Anne Blackwood

    Hmm idk which one(s) I am tbh. But this is really interesting.

    6 days ago
  • Doodleninja

    these were so fun to read! I can definitely think of a few members who fit into these categories XD
    I'm totally the Ambi-something; my pieces here are either dark and angst-y or comedic and lighthearted XD

    6 days ago
  • peachy keen #dreams of autumn(aka rose a)

    Hi, I'm Rose!
    This describes the WtW members so well it's scary. Yes, Hamilton! Thank you for the Hamilton puns. :)

    7 days ago