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Chasing the Truth

November 17, 2020

"We need to find a way out of here." Sadie Owens decided. "They'll never let all four of us out alive."
What?! Cant we wait out the time? They'll have to let us all live then, won't they? And what about my sister, Kiara? She'll be devastated one of us dies!" I protested.
"Sadie's right y'know. They brainwashed me for a reason. If either you or I isn't dead, they'll kill us all." commented Ryan Fletcher.
"What do you suggest we do?" Aiden Victor asked.
"Only me or Jordan has to die. Maybe you should kill me and the rest of you just move on." Ryan suggested.
"No way man!" Aiden protested.
"Absolutely not." Sadie agreed.
"They're right. You aren't dying because of me. I'll sacrifice my life instead." I decided heading for the weapons wall.
"Jordan Damian Jackson! Take another step you will be in a wheelchair the rest of your life." Saide threatened.
I continued moving forward as Aiden stepped in front of me to stop me. I went to sidestep and my wrists were pulled behind me in an tight grip and I was wrestled to the floor. I struggled against it but my efforts were futile against Sadie's iron grip.
"Aiden find a way out." Saide ordered before whispering in my ear, "You know you should stop struggling. I've been taking judo and martial arts since i was 3. You aren't going anywhere."
"I found a stairwell!" called Aiden from the corner of the room.
"Great thanks Aiden. Now Jordan, you are going to get up and go with me without a struggle or invert both your kneecaps. Lets go." Sadie grinned.
"Yes ma'am." I gulped, terrified of my once sweet, harmless girlfriend.
She laughed at me and I relaxed a bit as we moved toward the stairwell.
"What about Ryan?" I asked, worried.
"He cant move anyways. If we find an exit i'll send Ryan back to get him." Sadie assured me.
"I'll be fine Jordan. Just go." Ryan soinded sort of annoyed.
We got to the stairwell, and Aiden took the downward direction, while me and Sadie went up.
It felt like we'd been walking for hours, though my watch said only 20 minutes had passed.
"How many flights left?" I wondered.
"Sadie peered up the stairwell. "About 3 and a half."
I groaned and Sadie slapped me in the arm.
"Its not that much. You could run this in your sleep." She chided.
"No way. Its 4 flights too many for me." I complained.
We finally reached the top of the stairs and found a door. I reached my hand out to open it and it was smacked away.
"Ow! What was that for?" I yelped, rubbing my sting, red sore hand.
"We need to go getthe others first." Sadie scolded.
We trudged back down all 11 flights of stairs to the main area. I peeked in the door and immediately pulled Sadie back behind the door motioning for her to stay quiet. She looked confused but obliged.
After a few moments we heard a gunshot and a thud as the body hit the ground. I winced as a hand came down on my shoulder. I assumed a hand went to Sadie's shoulder as well because she screamed. We turned around to see Aiden, but someone in the room had heard us and was now searching.
"Who's there?" the voice got closer, "Show yourself, NOW!"
I motioned for Sadie and Aiden to stay quiet and go up the stairs with me.We got up two flights before two government personnel saw us. We started running, and the personnels pursued us trying to catch at least one of us.
"Stop running kids! Its a crime to run from the government." One of them yelled.
"Keep running!" I called to Sadie and Aiden. "If they catch us they'll never let us go."
We reached the top of the stairs and burst through the door shutting it behind us. We ran towards the edge of the building as. I looked to Sadie and Aiden for confirmation. They both nodded.
"Jump!" All three of us yelled as we threw ourselves from the building, the personnels just barely coming out the door.
Nobody dies in this I promise. 


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  • eliza :)

    this is sick! i love your characters and their interactions sm omg

    6 months ago
  • cloudi

    Ooh I love this! Super suspenseful and action packed with elaborate details!

    6 months ago