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Half of being a good writer is grammar, and the other half is a healthy mix of patience and insanity. Welcome to my collection of thoughts, the product of sitting in a cozy blanket typing while rain pours outside. Not really, but I wish it was.

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15 years old, writer of fiction and fantasy and anything mildly imaginative. I love the galaxy (a bit too much) and big questions that make you think and small things that don't usually stand out, and writing is about them is a passion of mine.
Outside of writing, I'm an artist in both traditional and digital mediums.

Life in numbers

May 12, 2015

PROMPT: Subtotals


Hours of thinking I've done: ∞, Number of pets owned: 4, Number of stuffed animals kept: 4, Tears shed in the past three years: 4, Number of miles ran: 69, Number of miles forced to run: 49, Number of letter sent: 0, Number of broken bones: 1, Book manuscripts finished: 0, Manuscripts worked on: 7, Manuscripts abandoned: 6, Times I've changed my mind for what my future'll be: 47, Number of broken hearts: 2, Number of friends: 5, Number of acquaintances: 42, Number of regrets: 643, Obsession I've formed: 6, Childhood beliefs let go of: 12, Horses I've ridden: 6, Years of life experienced: 13, Fallen asleep while doing homework: 29, Fallen asleep at school: 0, Recurring daydreams at school: 5,304, Lessons missed due to daydreaming: 49, Lizards caught: 1, Could have caught: 1, Number of camping trips: 15, Number of unforgettable camping trips: 2, Digits of pi recited by memory: 27, Times I've been interrupted: 854, Talked over: 2,035, Having my ideas stolen: 13, Other countries visited: 1, Bucketlist items having to do with heights: 4, Incredible lucky times: 29, In trouble: 2, In trouble for something I didn't do: 1, Harry Potter books read: 8, Lucky number: 13, Miles biked: 50, Random bursts of inspiration: 5,109,652


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