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Jimmy the Sock

November 15, 2020


    Hi! My name is Jimmy and my twin is Limmy. We live in the on Upper-Left Drawer Avenue. We have 14 people in our neighborhood including my twin and me. We have been living here since for 5 whole months. We are one of the newer socks. Some other socks have been here for, like, a year! Rumor is... after we get TOO old… our owner, Josh, THROWS us out. Literally, I'm not kidding!
     Every once a week, we go on a adventure with Josh! He puts us in The Shoe to go. We first go to this big, crowded building called something like "High School". We stay there for hours and we hear so many voices, our ears hurt. Then, we sometimes go home and get thrown in The Basket or we go to another house.
     Also, every once a week, Josh's mom, Jenner, puts us in a big machine that turns us over and over and soaks us for an hour till every single inch of us is covered in soap. Then, it spins us AGAIN and we get so dry and hot for an hour, we call it "The Sockhara Desert Hour". Afterwards, Josh pairs us up again and I am back with Limmy. Sometimes, I get paired with someone else and it is totally uncomfortable for me. Like, what the heck Josh?  Anyway, that's enough backstory for you now.
     So one time Limmy and I were just chillin' on Josh's bed, talking about shoes and then Jenner picked us up and THREW us in the dirty basket! We were SOO clean, but Jenner made us look and be dirty by putting us in The Basket. Like, Jenner how would you feel if you just stepped out of the shower and then some poured mud all over you. Disgusting. I prayed with all my might that Josh will save us.She was about to dump us in the big fat machine when Josh came down and asked "Did you see the socks on my bed?" and dumb Jenner was like "Oh yeah. I put it in the basket." Limmy and I did our happy dance and were happy to get out of the basket when Josh said "Well, I guess I'll just use other socks.". I was SO done with this family. Fine, I still like Josh, but I thought we were his favorite. Hmph.
     I just hope you know that socks have feelings too, OK?!


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  • Livsnjutare

    Lol, this is super funny!!
    The Sockhara Desert Hour, you are so creative, I love it! Lol
    Great writing!

    7 months ago
  • BlueWolf (Semi Hiatus)

    I also found this funny. It made me smile! :)

    7 months ago
  • Busssy.Beee

    I did find the funny. I love the humor!! XD

    7 months ago