Hi fellow readers! I am just a young writer who aspires to improve my language skills. I hope you enjoy my work! :)

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I am well-versed in fictional stories and dedicate myself to publish my self-written short stories in my free time as a fun hobby. I usually write poems and short stories and they can vary from horror and thriller to adventure and romance.

I'm also planning to publish my diary for 2021 so look out for it :)

Humanity's mistake

November 14, 2020

Emerald green leaves drifted in the wind as the sun shone its intense glare on the cobblestone path. Trees standing by the side swayed continuously, welcoming a little girl into its shade. She waltzed into the shade, giggling as she twirled and turned with a beautiful smile embroidered on her face. Emilia had platinum eyelashes, which protected her shamrock green eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Her cheeks were tinted a sakura pink, contrasting to her equally platinum locks.   

“How are you, Mr Tree?” she playfully asked as she gently stroked the creases on its bark. “Feeling a bit dry today.” The oak tree hastily replied, grumbling as he complained. Having heard his response, she chuckled and waved her hand. Instantly, murky water from the nearby polluted lake floated in the air, approaching her as it heeded her command. Arriving in her tiny fragile hands, she pouted as she checked the condition of the water. “Not good...what have the humans been doing to the lake?” Emilia mumbled under her breath, disheartened at the sight.  

With a swift flick of her small wrist and a snap of her fingers, the contaminated water gradually became clear and purified in a matter of seconds. Witnessing this, the tree graciously thanked her as the pure water sunk into his roots, curing him of slight dehydration. Out of curiosity, Emilia strolled on the stone path that led to a bright and flourishing city of wealth. Humans were dressed in plain suits, holding briefcases as they bargained and promoted their products. With the liveliness of the city area, there were also secluded areas in which factories produced products of every kind, amounting to an incomprehensible amount of black smoke puffing out infinitely.  

Glancing over at the polluted skies of that area, Emilia was saddened by the fact that she couldn’t do anything to stop that as a dryad, a guardian of the forest around this popular city. Her identity greatly refrained her from interacting with the human species, as they were seen as threats to her kind. Despite her child-like appearance, she could be counted as the eldest being in this world. She could only stand aside and watch the invasion of humans from the start to their current era. Enduring all these years of hatred over them setting fire to her beloved forests, she lived on with a strand of hope that they would realise their mistake.  

Suddenly, crackling amongst the ambient orange glow attracted her attention over the mountains, where she was situated earlier. As she leisurely headed back, her footsteps grew heavier and her quiet sobbing increased to loud cries. Both mentally and physically unprepared, her wobbly knees gave in and she landed on the sharp grass. The sight of it evoked a sense of regret and despair deep inside of her as she clutched her chest, ignoring the throbbing pain below her fist. From the hundreds of years she breathed in the polluted air, her core degraded substantially, leading to an eventual downfall.  

As intense pain seized the stability of her weakening core, Emilia helplessly fell onto the ground as she crawled nearer and nearer to the fierce orange flames. Resilient as ever, she stood up, desperately trying to dissolve the wicked flames by commanding water once again, but failed to do so. Wondering why, she looked at the murky water from before. It had evaporated, leaving behind the skeletons and flesh of poor marine life which were consumed by the strong glare of the flames. With herself enveloped in this treacherous scenery, tears that attempted to escape from her eyes were evaporating as fast as she was burning, succumbing to the fire.

“Sway for me again,” she whispered in a hoarse voice, as her core shattered into pieces, unable to revive in the future ever again.      
Hi fellow readers! This may be a short story, but I wanted to try something in a new perspective. I hope you enjoy reading it :) 


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