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This piece was unintentionally long, but I sure like it. What do you think of it? I got inspired by the book wonder and maybe you can use this as prompt! Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day :D

Rich Face

December 6, 2020


    "CHRISTOPHER!" I hear my mom yell. I finally wake up and see what time it is. 7:30?! The bus is leaving in like 20 minutes! Frick, I thought I put on the 7:00 alarm. I already messed up the first day of the New Year. A bad sign my grandma would have called it. I get down from my soft bed yelling me to sleep and go to the bathroom. Where. Is. The. TOOTHPASTE?! Mollie must have replaced it. Sisters seriously suck. I go in my parents bathroom, brush and shower and quickly go into the kitchen. "No breakfast for you Chris. Haha." Mollie teases me. "Mooommm" "What? You should have woken up early and gotten breakfast! Geez Christopher, what are you doing these days?" mom lectures me as she chooses what vest to wear. Boy, does she have a lot of vests. I pour some orange juice and grab a bagel from Mollie's plate. "HEY!" I finish eating, grab my bulking backpack and go outside to see a color of yellow turn the corner. "UGH!! Why does this always happen to me?!" I groan. This might be the 20th time that I missed the bus and 4th time I didn't do this on purpose. "Mom, we have to get the Tesla and go to school," I yell from the front door.
    As I step out of the car I see students looking at me. Not again. I walk to the school with people looking at me for a second and then look away. I have never been to a single school where people would not look at me and I didn't even stay there long enough for people to get used to me. And trust me, I have been to many schools because of my mom's work. She likes to work a lot since the incident happened, so she can keep busy and distracted. I go to my locker to unpack with a few minutes on hand before school starts.
    "Can you tell your mom to buy you another face please?!" I hear Tristan yell out. I wish. I always see in movies and books that people who are really rich are the most popular kids in school. I must be the most unpopular kid at school. A bunch of kids near him burst out in laughter. Out of all the schools, this school definitely is the worst. BK Middle School. I smirk. BK stands for Be Kind, and this school has so not been kind to me. Sometimes there's notes with ugly faces on them saying "Rich, but ugly", or people making very interesting faces for me when I walk down the hallway. *ding, ding, ding!* I go to my homeroom and see the teacher handing out papers about... fire. Do we have to learn about this? All the bad memories replay in my mind like a unstoppable movie.
    I had just left my school and my grandma had come to pick me up as a surprise for Thanksgiving. "Hóla Amigo!" my grandma shouts. I blush in front of other kids and hop in her blue minivan. "How was school?". "Bor-ing," I joke. My grandma laughs. "How come you came here from Brazil, so early?" I ask. "Anything to see you amigo. You are my corazón, vida, toda!" she yells. She has a bad habit of shouting. "I wanted to give you a nice surprise for the holidays. I will stay with you till next year!" she laughs. As we drive to my house, I see Grandma keeps checking Google Maps. She comes often to our house from Brazil, but she doesn't have the best memory. "I am here grandma. If you have a doubt about the road then ask me!" I puff out my chest to act older. I look out the window just in time to see a car coming full speed at us. "GRANDMA!" I yell. Those were the last words I remember before waking up at the hospital. I had survived, but my beautiful grandma... she didn't. My face was really burned from the fire. Like a lot; doctors say me surviving was a miracle. Even though it had happened 4 years ago, the events were fresh in my mind. Oh grandma, where are you? My heart longs for grandma as I hear some voice.
    I look up to the teacher calling my name.
    "Are you ok Christopher?" she asks. I see the whole class looking at me. Embarrassed, I look down at my paper and see small, wet circles on it. "Yeah sorry," I state.
    "At least the rich face cries normal tears!" Tristan yells and I hear people snicker around him.


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  • Jj101

    Omg my heart broke while reading this. :_(

    6 months ago