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Currently working on two series:
*Kingdom on a Cloud
*The Other Side (collab w/VirginaTechGirl101)
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Talk to me about Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Fablehaven, Beyonders, Five Kingdoms, Anne of Green Gables, :)

After you're done here, go read my real-life friend BriRiley's writing! And my WtW friends Ava Marie and VirginiaTechGirl101! They are all super talented. :)

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March 20, 2021

PROMPT: Dust Jacket

  • Were you named after someone?
I was not named after anyone for my first name. My middle name, Rose, was my aunt's middle name. She was my dad's older sister who died when he was 17 and she was 20.
  • Have you always been called a nickname?
My childhood best friend's dad and older brother call me 'Sam' and so do a few other people, but most people call me 'Samantha'. (And tbh, I prefer if people call me Samantha. When anyone other than the first two people I mentioned call me Sam, it just sounds weird. They have been calling me that since I was like 2, so it is normal now.)
  • Do you know anyone with the same name?
Not anyone I am very close to, but I have met plenty of other Samanthas in general. It is a pretty common name.
  • Does your name have historical significance?
I actually have no idea. XD Maybe it does if you count it being a feminine version of Samuel, who has historic significance since it is in the Bible? There was Samuel the Prophet and Samuel the Lamanite.
  • Do you have any funny facts or stories about your name?
When I was born I had black hair, so my parents decided to call me 'Samantha' because they liked the idea of a dark haired Samantha. My hair turned blonde before I was two, and has been sandy blonde ever since. 

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  • Nyla

    Oooh this was interesting! Really sorry about your aunt though. Also haha, that's so weird- I know so many blonde people who were originally born with black hair as well! My hair however has always and remains black!

    6 months ago