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Void Apocalypse Chapter 2

November 13, 2020


    Riku awoke to what sounded like a cat being skinned alive with a rusty butter knife, he rushed downstairs to find the creature from that fateful evening cornering Blixier by the donut stand, the entire shop was in a state of disaster, the tea rack was spilled, cakes were smashed, you get the idea, and Blixier was screaming like a banshee with its head cut off.
    “Hey you, Ugly!” yelled Riku, lashing out with several Kunai, “get outta' Riku-San’s Store!”
    The creature, however, seemed mostly unaffected by the knives that sunk into Its flesh up to the handles.  It turned around to face him and lunged, Riku, unable to jump the attack in a confined space.  Dove to the side and bonked his head against the sturdy counter.  The monster, seemingly satisfied that it had vanquished the nimble cat creature, turned Its attention back to Blixier, who had been attempting to creep his way to the door and flee.
    “Please don’t hurt me!” whimpered Blixier pitifully, “I taste terrible, trust me, I would know!”
    The creature grinned as if politely declining Blixier’s generous offer to not eat him, and gingerly unhinged its gaping jaw to better devour this quivering morsel, already thoroughly soaked with its own juices, like a chicken roast in a crock-pot.  Gulp!  Blixier disappeared down the creature’s throat in approximately zero-point-zero-one seconds, causing it’s stomach to become distended like an over-full water balloon, with more lumps and screaming involved.
    “Nyaaa!” cried Riku Vaulting over the counter brandishing a katana, “Die dumbass!”
    The monster’s head hit the floor with a sickening thud, before dissolving into a pile of black goop along with its body.  Riku bent down and picked up his kunai, holding them between his first finger and thumb, as one would hold a nasty tissue covered in slime.
    “Nasty!” stated Riku with a disgusted look on his face, “It feels like dracon snot…”
    “We did it!” cried Blixier shortly after.
    “We sure did…” agreed Riku, not wanting to spoil the man-child’s fun, “Now we have to clean the floor again!”
    The excitement faded from Blixier’s face as he realized that this would be the second wash and wax he had done on this floor.  He begged Riku, he tried to bribe Riku, he even threatened Riku, but all Riku did was laugh as he prepared the soapy water for the scrubbing of the floor.
    The next morning, Riku dragged Blixier out of bed to go berry picking in the woods, Blixier's final task for messing up Riku's floor.
"Do we have to walk all the way to the woods?"
"But I'm tired," Complained Blixier, "And it's so far away!"
"It's downhill the whole way!" Snapped Riku, "Suck it up and be a man!"
       When they finally reached the berry picking spot, Riku handed Blixier a bucket and began picking the ripest berries on the bush.
   The berry picking took much longer than expected due to Blixier's inability to identify which berries were ripe, or for that matter, which ones were poisonous.
    As they were walking back, something began glowing a sickly purple deep in the woods, it seemed to be very powerful as it drew even the eyes of Blixier, who was undisturbed sometimes even by personal injury.  The light shone through the trees, and pulsed like the heartbeat of a dying creature, pulsing with a randomly disrupted pattern.  Badump-Badumbump-Badumbadumb-Badump…
    Slowly, they made their way towards the light, entering a clearing.  In the center of the clearing, a giant crystal was embedded in the ground, surrounded by arcane symbols burned into the earth around it.  The crystal was the source of the light, and it shook with each disruption, like there was something beneath, trying to break free.
    And then, in typical Blixier fashion, Blixier reached out towards the crystal.  Riku, remembering something like this from a book, cried out, “Blixier! NO!”  But it was to late, Blair’s hand made contact with the magical gem, and it shattered, cracks spreading across it’s surface from the point of contact.  Blinding light shot out from between the cracks, before exploding into a thousand pieces.  The last thing Riku saw before he lost consciousness, was dozens of those horrid monsters pouring out of the hole created by the explosion, completely ignoring Riku and Blixier in their lust for freedom.


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