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feeling a little dejected and a little lonely.

personally, i find it hard to make good friends. people who want to converse with me because they find me interesting and not just talk so that they can use me like a textbook to boost their academics.

felt like republishing one last time so i did ;-; thank you for all the kind, supportive comments <333 means so so much to me

treat me human

November 14, 2020



Stop tearing apart my pages / please?

to open myself is to trap myself
between the lines where you read
my words unsaid and seized them to
slather your gilded walls with praise 

if only I could bask in a quarter of 
your stolen glory my world would 
be infused with color but you
won’t even share your shadow 

without sunlight my pages crinkle 
into a thousand traceable rivers of neglect
sprinkle dust as a special touch of finality
and hum as you fling my skeleton aside

25 cents / is that all a used book is worth?
here goes another poem of pent up feelings


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  • November 14, 2020 - 8:58pm (Now Viewing)

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  • gabimarie

    i love this piece! "to open myself is to trap myself" you're talking about the book but it's like this entire piece can be used to describe something deeper, like an attachment issue, etc. so freaking good!
    i also saw you like stray kids! who's your bias? mine is seungmin haha. have an amazing day my love! :)

    6 months ago
  • Wisp

    Ahh I haven't seen you in so long dear! I hope all's well with you and life's been treating you well. Here's a little gift to you that should've been given out sooner but you know, life and all:

    7 months ago
  • Just_A_Memory


    8 months ago
  • Nikki

    Replying: Your comment on my poem was just the best! Your words truly made my day! (i am so glad that you liked the personification) Thank you so so so much for it!
    ps: i actually thought it was so weird that i made up my own lover, talked about her, then being with her, then losing her ;)

    10 months ago
  • Wisp

    Replying: Anlee, you are honestly just the sweetest. Your comments just make my day so much, and the fact that you liked it when it wasn't one of my best, ahh, you have no idea how happy that made me feel. All the best to you <3

    10 months ago
  • mystifiedtulip

    wow.....this is lovely......<3<3

    re: you are so kind! ;)

    10 months ago
  • Carolina María

    WOW THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. "you won't even share your shadow" and "without sunlight my pages crinkle" UGHHH chills

    10 months ago
  • Huba Huba

    I love this piece, it's so emotional and expressive!
    And I actually relate to you so much! There's definitely too many people in my life who only bother to talk to me because I have good grades and they can like ask me for help and advice on which classes to take, how to study, and homework answers.
    Then again, always remember that almost everything, including people around you (friends, family) come in quality over quantity. No one needs like a huge group of friends or anything to make them happy, but having a couple very good and close ones is the most important!
    Feel free to talk to me about your feelings! I'm a good listener :D. Keeping things in is what makes people even more sad.
    Plus, talking with you about K-pop last time was super fun :))) I think you're very interesting.

    10 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    This. Is. Wow. Amazing. Can I help in any way? I’m always here to chat if you want.

    10 months ago
  • In Which Yaya Writes

    Oh, I’m so sorry you feel like this! I know, sometimes it feels like no one will listen or no one will understand. I’m still new here, but if you would like to talk with me, I usually am on here every day :). I also don’t know much of your writing, but based solely off this, I know people should treat you much better! Plus, you’re something called a “human being,” which deserves some respect.
    But this please.... wo. I mean, it’s beautiful! I can’t even... I try writing poetry, but I’m no where near this. My favorite lines: “and hum as you fling my skeleton aside,” “my world would be infused with color but you
    won’t even share your shadow,” and “to open myself is to trap myself
    between the lines.” This is such a beautiful, raw, descriptive piece. Great job!
    Replying: Thank you! I’m so glad to be here; I’m meeting amazing people! Thank you for reading!

    10 months ago
  • JustAnotherDarling

    oh honey (is it okay if i say that?), i'm deeply sorry you haven't met the right people who appreciate you As They Should! your writing is mellow and sorrowful and filled with all the wistfulness of someone who is "othered".... the message is ugly but the truth shines beautifully too <3 and if you ever want to talk (about literally anything), i'm totally down :D
    sending lots of love <3

    10 months ago
  • beth r.

    hope you're okay... gorgeous writing!
    re: aw thanks!

    10 months ago
  • Wisp

    Oh hon, I'm so sorry you feel that way. It's okay to vent and we're here for you whenever you need to. If you ever want to talk, I'll be glad to :) You're always such a joy to have conversations with and I always look forward to your pieces and comments, because they're so endearing.
    And the piece itself, it is so beautiful. You describe that emotion of feeling used and abandoned so well, in the metaphor and imagery of a used book. Sometimes I feel the same way and it's hard to tell whether your friends are friends with you for your grades or for who you are. And you encompass that emotion so very well. The best to you.
    Replying: I am so happy to hear that you're doing alright. Sending you love from this side of the screen :)

    10 months ago
  • doodleninja

    the imagery of a book, especially of tearing pages apart, is fabulous! You articulate your thoughts so well here, and that last line truly packs a punch. Splendid work! :D
    (and I think the current title is great!)

    10 months ago
  • mirkat

    woah. i am speachless.... the meaning here and the imagery and the impact? brillient. ahh, i love this. "to open myself is to trap myself
    between the lines where you read" oh my. <3<3<3

    10 months ago