Diana Cojocea


Starless- Marry Me

November 13, 2020


I am a starless sky, when you’re not around.
I am a tree without leaves, when your smile is not found.
I am a planet without orbit, when there’s tears in your eyes.
I am a flower with no colour, when your worries are disguised.
I am a vine without roots, when your verses pretend.
I am a distressful lion, till I see you again.
I am an empty ocean, when you face high distress.
I am a plain canvas that wishes to express.
I am a full moon when your shinning bright.
You’re the beating of my heart and my success in life.
With you by my side we can fight through the strife.
Will you make me the happiest man and become my wife?

Well? What will it be? Because I can’t waste another day living without you.    


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  • November 13, 2020 - 7:33pm (Now Viewing)

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1 Comment
  • Cosmogyral

    i do, kekeke, (jk,). i like the 'i am' repetition, it's lovely and you complement scenery well with it. "I am a starless sky, when you're not around." i like this piece because of that first line, it's such a contrast to the message of my collection. i seriously encourage you to try prose and side by side (Ex: word/word/word...) , call it a hunch, but i think you may like where it'll take you. i look forward to your next work. :)

    7 months ago