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wow wow wow, two poems published in one day, totally did not prepare this at all.

uh, pro-tip, don't spend four hours straight hunched over your drawing tablet cuz your back will be real hurty.

stay safe, stay cool!

your wtw older sister whose back really hurts now

you’ve shattered so many things for me, even the poetry i’ve written | three shorter pieces that don’t deserve to be published on their own, but are all about the same person.

November 13, 2020


not to me 
i hate the idea of falling into love.
i wish to never be loved that way. 
when i was younger, i thought falling was the only way to love -- a quick tumble like alice into wonderland being led by a little white rabbit with one of those soulmate clocks.
and yet, i yearn so dearly to be loved on purpose now. i want to be remembered and remember every detail of their person, every influx of their voice, every octave of their laugh until is ingrained upon my body. i want to be loved like a fond memory.
         and, darling, this is what i could offer to you, 
        but love isn’t a bargain.

femur bones and existential crises 
we learn in biology class that the strongest bone in the human body is the femur 
and i wonder if you remember telling me that humans were built to break, to shatter. 
    i’m not sure if i quite believe that -- i’m not particularly religious, 
    but if some great god from above were to shape our every bone and vein and heart,
you would think they would make us unbreakable -- all that is ash once was something stronger -- i’m praying that we are, too, but something, perhaps that god i don’t fully believe in, whispers that we are not a femur bone. 

. -..- / -. .. .... .. .-.. --- / -. .. .... .. .-.. / ..-. .. -
i learn morse code so i might one day understand the complexities of the universe you’ve built in your mind, but instead, i am disturbed that everytime i say i love you, even just as friends, you tap out that phrase -- ex nihilo nihil fit
    are we truly nothing?


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  • doodleninja

    also, hard relate to the back pain thing #artistproblems XD

    3 months ago
  • doodleninja

    I love the imagery in all of these! Stunning writing!

    3 months ago

    this is.................................
    this is amazing. I love the title sooooo much, and it fits the poems so well and this line, "and i wonder if you remember telling me that humans were built to break, to shatter" bc it stopped my brain's whirling for a second. which is pretty rare. but it happened and I am thankful for amazing writing that does that <3 :)

    4 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    also tho def agree on the back hurting when leaning over drawing tablet. I just did that the other day and suffered. but i did art all day so that was a plus haha

    4 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    oh my word! This is so beautiful <3 the imagery you use! the phrases and metaphors! AAAHHH This poetry is STUNNING

    4 months ago
  • journal.scribbles

    Wow, I especially love the first piece. And the title is so direct and perfect. So good!!!

    4 months ago