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Why aren't you writing back my love?

December 23, 2020


"Dearest Hendrick,
It's been a while my love and I'm frightened, your sister's faring well and she very much misses you, as do I. I'm worried sick about you love and I've been so lonely so Eve and I are moving in with  my sister. I love you and don't forget to take the trash out once you're home, I left in quite a rush, my sister was rushing me greatly.
Ann Marie", that phrase, "don't forget to take out the trash once you're home,", it's code for 'we've been outed, people know we're two men in love.' God, how? We were so careful! I guess all that doesn't matter now. What matters is that I write them back, let them know I'm alive and well, as well as one can be in the trenches at least. Scott doesn't have a sister, he's probably taking Eve to Ernest's, it's out of Westpoint but not too far, I won't have much trouble finding them but getting out of here to do that? That poses more of a problem. By the sounds of the letter, it seems they were run out of town or ran off on their own, what has become of this family? Before I was drafted we were two happy 'best friends' raising my little sister, everything has gone haywire since, I fear I'll never see Scott or Eve again.
"My Dearest Ann Marie,
I'm sorry for the delayed response, things have been pretty bad down here, gruesome, indescribable things so I won't bother trying to but I must confirm one thing; you are with your sister Ernestine right? And you got there safely? How much of a rush did you leave in? Why must I take the trash out? Kiss Eve for me, Ann Marie, Love you both.
- Hendrick Daley", I penned then read.
"Sounds good, Daley.", Shipper comments.
"Thank you, you write to your girl yet?", he nods with a smile.
"A real pretty one, Liza Banks, yours?"
"Ann Marie Hugh.", I smile, how I wish I could say his real name, Scott Everett.
"Everything alright, Daley?"
"Yea, I miss them, Ann's caring for my sister while I'm gone."
"Where's her parents?"
"Dead, you sure ask a lot of questions, Ship.", I tease with a fake laugh.
"I'm sorry if I overstepped any boundaries, Daley..."
"Nah, only tiptoed 'cross 'em, night Ship."
"Night Dale.", I blow out the candle and turn away, shutting my eyes, praying to God Scott and Eve are alright wherever they may be.


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