souled out


❝i talk about love
like i've felt it before.❞


i'm souled out.

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they ask you to be the hero, their precious chosen one, to be forever captured on a twisted throne of gold, draped in a cloak that's soaked with blood, crowned with a circlet of bone. to accept their praise, their prophecy, their hopes and dreams, is to allow yourself to be shackled to this plane of existence for eternity. your life is no longer your past, only the expectations of others. to be the hero is to put lives above your own, the greater good above those you love. there is no winning for a hero. for a hero, there is only pain.

the poison we taste

November 12, 2020


what a poison
i bow to
not the evil spirits of our ancestors
not malice and cruelty and lies
no, what a different poison this is

it tastes sour and bitter
sharp and biting
so quiet and invisible in its poisons
some cease to believe it's even there
but this poison
oh, it's so much more than nothing

this is
claws sinking into my heart
either cutting it out
or starting it again
and needles against my skin
the small scars on my soul
stitches ripped open
bowing to not a cruel king
but the poison our hearts gladly pump along


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