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smashing the social standards one high kick at a time
gold glitter eyeliner and doc marten vibes

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hey! It's ya 'obbit, lin.
We're all mad here.
we stan succulents names Gerard Way here.
we stan a lot of things.
including you, dear reader.
~keep your bad vibes out of my cornflakes~

WtW descriptions

November 12, 2020


beth r.: 
I imagine a blonde, tall girl who has gold for her eyes. She's always ready to lighten up the room with a good joke, but can be sad herself sometimes. She's the one who isn't afraid to wear a hoodie to social gatherings. She's usually wearing converse, but when she's at home she's always in a pair of soft socks. 

Short, brown hair. Soft hair. (that sounds weird, but thats how you sound XD) a bit competitive, but not a sore loser. Maybe average height, and really athletic. Traveling, and always exploring new places he hasn't been too. He seems like the kind of person to solve disputes, not start them. Earl Grey tea. That's something that comes to mind. 

very, very California aesthetic. He seems like the typical southern Californian guy, with sandy hair and semi-tan skin. But then he seems like an honest, fun loving person who loves to play chess and hang around with his friends. Maybe like an avocado. (Gods, I really need to shut up before I ruin these people's career) Avocados and lemonade. Freckles. (I basically just described Will Solace. oh.) 

Rohan's Defender: 
Maybe red hair? She's the one who will never leave without a piece of paper, or a book. The one who stays up all night no finish a project. Maybe a cat. That's what you remind me of. A black cat--graceful, different and huggable at the same time. Ink splattered fingers, and tired eyes. Milkshakes, too And pretzels. XD 

minty leaf: 
she's the one who has an odd sense of humor, but always has the whole world laughing. Tan skinned, tall and dark haired. The one who either watches horror movies, Percy Jackson, or cartoons. You remind me of--well, a fall leaf. graceful, beautiful, and not always there. 

paisley blue: 
short, black hair. Flowers in the springtime. maybe like Eliza Hamilton in Hamilton, but short haired. really sweet, and not afraid to be different. Black coffee in the morning, and maybe the color blue. or grey. *shrugs* big, poetry books with intricate leather-bound covers 
....this was a struggle. Sorry guys. Tell me if im anywhere near right XD


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  • Paisley Blue

    uhhh how did i miss this???! i absolutely love this :D i do have short hair, but my hair is actually purple lol. well, more brown now then purple... :) and i don't drink coffee lol, but i think it's fun that you got that from me! jflwietuhei that part about the poetry books... that is SO me XD you got a lot right, actually! nice job, wow! :) i'm so touched by this!!! and all of your descriptions are ethereal, they're so elegant and nice!

    8 months ago
  • Sunflower~

    So many of these are similar to how I imagine them lol ;)

    8 months ago
  • psithurism

    Ooh I like these a lot! I'm actually friends with Paisley Blue irl, and you got her personality spot on. She's got a short purple pixie cut, moss green eyes, glasses, and she's really tall. Good job!

    8 months ago
  • ~madeline~

    Re: I mean.... I figured I was completely wrong, but I think that you username reminded me of Luna Lovegood so my subconcious was like.... BLONDE!!! Even though I'm a ravenclaw and my hair is like almost black XD. But I'm glad you liked it :)

    9 months ago