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So...I hope to be published some day, but I still have a long way to go.

Be sure to check out my series, The Girl Of Summer, C.R.U.S.H., agent files, Sea Shells And Glass Bottles. If you want me to notify you when a new chapter comes out please comment.

I liked the idea of a grab bag so here's mine:
January Grab Bag
#1: If you could live in any book world which would it be? Write a short story about your time there.
#2: A list of books you could read over and over again.
#3: What would it be like to switch bodies with your best friend? Short story
#4 A poem about two things that are opposite.
#5 Write about a weird experience you had once.
I would love to see what you write.
Don't be afraid to ask for a review. :)

The Truth

November 12, 2020


In the beginning God created everything. He made animals and plants, the sky and the seas. But He created humans in His own image. Everything was good.

But then sin came into the world. Sin is everything we do wrong, and when we know something is right but don't do it anyway. And the reason this is bad is because God is perfect, and just, so He can't be with sin. You might think of this as wrong, but if you just bought a $100 white shirt and saw one of your friends all muddy would you want to hug them? It's sort of like that.

Luck for us though, God sent His only son, Jesus, down to earth. Jesus was fully man and fully God. He lived a perfect life, never sinning once. Then He was killed on a cross for our sins. He did what we could never do. Because the Bible says "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life." See because of our sin we all deserve death, but Jesus came and lived sinlessly than died a horrible death because He loves every single one of us. 

But Jesus didn't stay in the grave. After three days He rose again! 

Now I have to tell you about two places, heaven and hell. Heaven is where God is. It is paradise, and after we die if we have put our trust in Jesus to save us then that's where we go, forever. But hell is the exact opposite, it is a terrible place of pain, and fire, and the worst part is that's how it's going to be forever if you don't believe in Jesus.

Just one more thing, and that's the choice we all have to make. Either we choice to admit that we are sinners who need saving, believe that Jesus is the son of God and died on the cross for our sins, and trust in Him for our salvation, then confess (tell) everyone we know. Or we don't.
This is all true. If you have any questions please ask me. Also you can find this story in the bible.


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  • Awesome Sienna

    Oh, that beautiful truth! Just a random question, do you have any musical artist to recommend?

    6 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Re: aww I bet you’re doing great!!! Will you be publishing it on here after?
    And thank you!! I hope you’re doing well! I’ve been praying for you! <3

    10 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Re: hey! Running errands all day and trying to get inspired for a song I’m writing! XD What about you? Thank you for checking in!

    10 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Re: I’m already there, and mines the same as here!

    10 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Re: hey! Thank you so much for letting me know! I hope to see you there!! :)

    10 months ago
  • Rachaelgrace

    Great job spreading the truth :)

    10 months ago