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To whom ever comes across my writing, I have always enjoyed the art of writing and reading. The way you can string a whole bunch of words together to create a new world or a person is incredible. I have to admit I am no the best at writing, but who is really? I hope someone enjoys my style of writing, and if not so be it. Please enjoy my random stories with no rhyme or reason.

Me, Myself and I

November 12, 2020

PROMPT: YOU in threes

I pull faces that don't make sense,
I love the smell of night time air,
and I live in my head 75% of the time.

I belong to my church,
I am part of my community,
And I am the chairman of a fake cult my friend made up.

My friends would describe me as being,
And extremely loud.

My family would describe me as,
And extraordinary.

I think that I am,
crazy mad,
And a real piece of work.

I want to become a potter,
I love willow trees,
And I hate being left alone.

I believe in Christ,
I believe in true love,
And I believe in the moon.

I need to know if I'll make it,
I want to know the secrets of the sea,
And I want to know if I'm normal.

I love being in the kitchen,
I can waste a day away staring at nothing,
And I have the most incredible day dreams.

My eyes are darker the the night sky,
I have weird clickety joints,
And I have a small chip in my front tooth.

I am over weight,
I have a deep voice,
And I look older than I actually am.

I have gorgeous hair,
I look like my mum,
And I am apparently scary.

I hate a messy kitchens,
I can't stand misspelled words in books,
And I hate the way other people mix a bowl of cookie dough.

I have good, sane instincts,
I have pretty good eye, hand coordination,
And when someone is hurt I go into auto pilot.

I find comfort in nature,
I find comfort in my family and their love,
And I find comfort in the fact that it's all going to plan, even if it's not my plan.

Author - Emmy Lou


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  • Huba Huba

    Ooo I'm happy to learn about you through this piece. I love the last stanza; it's so sincere. And I relate with the daydreaming part! Daydreaming always comes up to me out of nowhere, and I'd find myself standing or sitting in the same position, staring into nothingness with my mind somewhere else, for a very long time, and I don't even realize how much time passes until I snap out of it.

    10 months ago
  • Starcatcher

    so nice learning more about you :)

    10 months ago