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Current fav book/series is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (aaaaaa there's no book that has hilarious and meaningless plot twists like this one)

Message to Readers

i haven't written in a while just forewarning y'all
i'm feeling very romantic today and will probably listen to a lot of taylor swift :))

just a small bubble of love in a bustling city

November 12, 2020

PROMPT: Setting as Mood

Watching those two together filled Maya with the sort of warmth that felt so happy, it hurt.

The air was heavy with constant noise, and the streets buzzed with a busyness that was not quite chaotic, but it made it impossible for one to ever feel like they were exactly where should be. Fairy lights twinkled outside judgmental shopfronts, and windows were jewels on indifferent skyscrapers. The heat clung to her skin and the sky hung low above her head. As tiny raindrops infested the city, as indecisive as lovers not in love, it felt like the perfect place to cry. Those two walked on, and it was like all was right with the world, and everything beautiful was right there, in that spot. Watching something so perfect, but not really being a part, broke her heart by swelling it till it couldn't grow anymore.


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