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Christine Betts

United States


Meditation on a Goodbye

May 15, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


I held the door open,

ready to leave.

Ciao, Profe

Hasta... erm

Hasta Siempre, she said.

Hasta Siempre.


Hasta Luego

Meaning See You Later


Hasta Pronto

Meaning See You Soon


Hasta Mañana

Meaning See You Tomorrow


But Hasta Tarde

Meaning See You... Indefinitely


On the drive home I rolled

the words around my mouth

like a jawbreaker.

Hasta Siempre



Hasta, until, up, even, to

Siempre, always, forever


I think my favorite translation

the one that doesn't make me so darn sad

the one that has a comfort in its possibilities

Hasta Siempre

Until Always

See You Always


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