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Part 2 in the series of short stories that I am writing (all under the same title)! Let me know what you liked and what you felt like didn't quite work. Like with the last one, I really want to edit this one and polish it to be as good as possible, so if you feel like it... maybe review it? That would be so awesome! I will do review for review.

Thank you! :)

Under Grey Skies | Part 2

November 11, 2020



Paris, France - 1903

    Against the backdrop of the cloudy night, the warm glow of lights from the house almost made Darcy Voland forget his troubles. Dead grass crunched under his feet. The skeletons of tree branches reached to the black sky.
    Darcy locked the short, metal gate behind him, struggling with the latch for a moment as his trembling fingers slipped over the bolt. It wouldn't stop them, but maybe it would give him time.
    Before opening the door of the small house, he stopped. In his mind, he knew he was wasting precious time, but he just leaned up against the door, closed his eyes, and listened.

    The kitchen smelled of onion and spices, and the sound of playful laughter rang through the warm room. On the floor, two young boys were playing with small glass marbles, shooting them at each other, the table, and occasionally their mother's feet.
    “Boys, wash your hands and sit down to eat!” Aure Voland stepped on a marble and nearly dropped the stack of plates in her hands. “Lisle, Harvey—I will not ask again!”
    A small girl, no older than three, toddled over. She grabbed one of the marbles and lifted it to her mouth, giggling. The older boy, Lisle, grabbed her wrist. 
    “Ophelie—stop it! Non!” He tugged it away from her, and she fell to the floor. Her face crumpled and she opened her mouth in a loud wail. 
    Aure rushed over to pick her up. “Shh, shh, Ophelie—Lisle, sit down at the table! And put those marbles away!”
    Lisle laughed, but did as his mother told him. He plopped down at the table, and grabbed a piece of bread, only for Aure to reach over and pull it away. 
    “Wait until we've all sat down.”
    Each of the children sat in their chairs, the boys sneakily grabbing bread crumbs and stray pieces of meat. Aure sighed, and the lines on her face crumpled as she looked over at the clock once more.
    “Maman, maman, can we listen to the radio? S'il vous plaît?” Harvey jumped up and down in his seat, his elbow nearly knocking over his water glass with each bounce. Aure pulled it into safety, and then nodded. 
    “But only if you eat quietly and wait for papa to come home. He's a little bit late, I wonder what is keeping him…” She didn't have time to wonder much longer, because Harvey had turned the radio on.
    For a moment, the family was silent, listening to the crackle and pop of the radio. Then, out of the static spoke a low, monotonous voice.
    “...and remember, France depends on each of its citizens to behave well, to set an example for all of the other countries. If someone you know is behaving against the guidelines, report it to the Département de L'Activité Suspecte. It is within all our best interests to paint a perfect image for the world to see. This is Rene Fontaine. Have a good evening, everyone…”
    The voice dissolved into static once more. Aure stood and turned the radio off, despite protests from Harvey and Lisle.
    “We don't need to hear that all again,” she said loudly over their indignant voices. “It's the same thing every night.”
    “But it's more interesting than anyone in this family!”
    “Lisle, that is enough, when you're done with your dinner you will go straight to-”
    The door opened, sending a draft of cold air into the dining room. Darcy stood in the doorway for a moment, and Aure rushed over to him, forgetting all about Lisle and the radio. 
    “What kept you? Were they doing searches again?” She helped him take his coat off. “What's—what's wrong?”
    His eyes were stormy, and instead of replying he took her elbow and led her out of the dining room. Behind them, Lisle and Harvey started to bicker.
    “Aure…” His voice cracked, and he cleared it. “Mon amour, we don't have much time.” His wife pressed her fingers to her lips, tears filling her eyes, but he continued on. “They're coming, soon. I received a formal warning. It's just lucky I wasn't in the office at the time—they would have taken me then and there.”
    “Why—how is this happening?!”
    He pulled her close and shook his head. For a moment, he couldn't say anything. He swallowed hard. “Pascal was taken yesterday.”
    “I tried to stop them. They didn’t like that. I am so sorry, Aure…”
    “Je t'aime,” Aure whispered into his chest. Darcy kissed the top of her head, a single tear running down his cheek.
    “Quoi qu'il arrive, je trouverai mon chemin vers toi.” No matter what, he would always find a way back.

    The door shuddered on its hinges, and then swung open with a loud bang. Three men wearing hooded black cloaks filled the doorway. Sitting at the table, Darcy Voland wiped his mouth calmly with a napkin. 
    “Have you come for dinner?” He picked up his fork and ate a piece of lettuce.
    The men descended upon him wordlessly, pulling him from his seat. He tried to pull his arm away, and managed to kick one in the stomach, but they were too strong. As he fought, they held him tight. He went limp as they began to drag him to the door.
    Watching from the other room, Aure bit her lip to keep from crying out. She held Ophelie to her chest, and Harvey close in front of her legs, shielding his eyes. Lisle peered from behind his mother, completely silent. 
    Darcy strained to look back over his shoulder. “Au revoir, my loves. Perhaps one day I will find you again.”

Word count: 943

Part 1

Keep an eye out for part 3 (and maybe 4!)


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  • sci-Fi

    Re: Yessss you should totally do one. You're so good at descriptions no one will even care if u get them wrong XD

    6 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    ooooooooooohhhh i can see this as a fantastic indie period film already and the prose! the description! the tension!

    6 months ago
  • mirkat

    woah. this world you have created is so vivid in description. and i ache for darcy and his wife and the little kids. i was there, in the room while i read this... and who the heck are the clothed people who keep taking people ahhhhh!?.... one suggestion-- you say the time period at the top of the piece which is good, but throughout the piece you barely reference things in that time period. for example, in the last part you could describe carriages passing in the street and for this maybe one of the little kids baring themself into the folds of their mother's dress as darcy is taken. that way it will be even more impactful and we get a slight reminder it isn't happening in our world today.... other than that, i am in love. <3<3<3

    6 months ago
  • dee’s abditory

    ok but like??? literal chills??? i need answersssssssssssssss

    6 months ago
  • pyrrhic


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  • dream02

    Awwwww I wanna cry this is so amazing

    6 months ago
  • JustAnotherDarling

    i felt like i was watching a movie as i read this.... oh goodness i have goosebumps! (i'm here crying for pascal too even though i have nO IDEA WHO HE IS EVEN)
    i'll try my best to review this tomorrow! :)

    6 months ago