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I interviewed Carlos Gomez on August 19,2014 all quotes were recorded by me in person.

Milwaukee Brewer Carlos Gomez: Making a student’s dream come true

May 5, 2015

Carlos Gomez, center fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, never realized that meeting crying fan, junior Jordan Hynum, would catapult his fame even further into the record books. The 2013 Gold Glove winner was already a MLB favorite, but his connection with Hynum is perhaps a defining moment for him during spring of 2014 when a video of he and the crying Hynum went viral.

 Hynum and Gomez met for a second time in a moment that took social media and sports news centers by storm. During Gomez’s bobble head night at Miller Park, he was signing autographs when he spotted Hynum, whom he had met at a prior game, and she became overwhelmed with emotion in a moment when a crying fan met her idol.

“It was hard to tell that emotion; I wanted to cry too.  When I see that emotion in a little girl cry like that for their favorite player… it’s not the first time that had happened to me, and every time I see the fans feel so much emotion like that, I come the next day to work hard and prepare myself to give them a good show,” Gomez said.

The nationwide coverage those few seconds received was completely unplanned by both Hynum and Gomez, although Hynum had tweeted out to him previously that telling him that she would be there.

“We started the relationship; you know she is a big fan. [She] is so far [my] number one [fan].  When you’re a professional ball player in any sport, and have a fan like that, it made me feel like I had to come work hard every day because I have really fun fans to watch me, like me and love me.  It’s my motivation every day,” Gomez said. “It was the second time I had seen her; she had tweeted me earlier that day. I came out to stretch and I had seen her and I was almost done, and I go and sign a ball or something and she got emotional again.  So I give her a hug and tell her it’s good, not to worry and to enjoy the game.  Today’s going to be a fun game just for you, and she starts crying again, so I give her a big hug again. The camera got it, so it’s not like we planned it or we [were] looking for this to happen and was on national TV and everything; it was fun,” Gomez said.

On May 27,2014, Hynum was given a surprise from the Brewers and Gomez himself. After receiving tickets to the game. Right before the game began, Gomez appeared from the dugout and asked Hynum to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Hynum, a softball player, landed a strike right into Gomez’s glove.

“I did not expect that,” Gomez said, “but she looked she was a really good athlete and with all the emotion she had, I feel like she wouldn’t even make it to the mound. I talked to her before she threw the first pitch and I said [not] to worry, just throw the ball and it will be fine. She brought it to the plate and threw hard.  It was really amazing…I mean impressive,” Gomez said.


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