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November 15, 2020

Milo rapped on my window the next morning. He smiled at me, cheerily waving me over with his infectious smile. I put on a show of reluctance as I rolled off my poorly made bed and lifted that glass between us.
“Don’t roll your eyes. You know you missed me,” he teased.
“I’ll close this window so fast-”
“Come to Black Sand Beach with me,” he blurted.
“Milo, you know I’m not supposed to hang out with you,” I told him. 
“Yeah I know, cause I’m a demon right?” he said it mockingly, but I saw hurt flicker across his face. The warm brown eyes I’d grown love with turned momentarily sour. I hated being the one to remind us of our impossibility. 
“You’re lucky my parents won’t be home until later,” I groaned, “I’ll get ready.”
Milo poked his head through the window and gave a shout of glee before I shoved him back out. He told me to watch his horns before I shut the window on him. 
    Milo drove. He insists he is a good driver no matter how profusely I complain. Taylor Swift boomed out the car stereo as he belted every lyric. He has a soft spot for Swift, but would kill me if I told anyone. As he sang I just watched adoringly; soaking him in. His short, jet-black horns, the only indication that he was a demon, jut out the top of his head and bounced with the rest of him as he sang. The sunlight turned his soft brown hair golden. I traced his profile, watching his eyes crease with joy and his button nose gently point up as his intoxictating laugh echoed through space between us. The red bracelet I had given him a month ago clung to his wrist and jangled everytime he lifted his fist to use as a mic. 
“Have you ever heard of honey?” Milo asked, snapping me from my trance.
“The water of the gods?”
“Something like that,” he said “Anyway, Nate told me that you can taste honey when you're in love. Like on your tongue.”
“Honey doesn’t exist Milo,” I scoffed, “You can’t believe everything you hear from Nate.” 
“Relax buzzkill, would it kill you to dream? All I heard is that it’s sweet. Plus, he says he’s a descendant of Nexus and in case he gets the blessing of the sun it’s better to be closer to him.”
“Nexus...the last angel to receive the blessing? The one who tried to kill everyone by bringing heaven to Earth?” I asked in disbelief. I knew Nate was dumb, but not that dumb. 
“That’s the one.”
“Well I’m more concerned about how your purist angel friend would feel about us?” I said it jokingly, but it was a clear jab at reality. Being alone together is never the hard part. The corners of Milo’s beaming smile slightly fell, but he pretended not to hear me. 
 “We’re here,” he cheered, quickly recollecting himself.
The beach was empty; it always is. It’s believed the black sand brings bad luck, but all Milo cares about is the fact that we have the entire beach to ourselves. The sun beams bright overhead as we walk towards the water with cold, black sand shifting beneath our feet. Milo throws his towel down when we’re close enough to the water for his liking, and I set mine down next to his. I catch myself absent-mindedly staring as he takes off his shirt and flush as I look away a second too late. A shy and cocky smile blooms across his face. 
“You have five minutes before I come and drag you in myself,” he said. 
“You’re threatening me?”
“Yeah sorry,” he laughed as he bounded towards the freezing water and leaped in head first. 
    I couldn't help but smile as Milo gave whoops of joy at his head dipped in and out of the clear waves. He was already knee-deep in the water and extending his arms to me when I began walking towards him. I met his warm embrace with my own shaky one. He seemed to alleviate the cold nipping at my legs. I would live in his arms if I could. He slightly pulled away and met my gaze before glancing down at my lips. I felt his hand cup the bottom of my face as he pulled me closer. I wanted him so badly, but guilt burned too heavily inside of me. 
“Milo,” I held his wrist and dropped my head, “I’m sorry. I just can’t.” He dropped his hand from my face. 
“I’m sorry,” tears began to spill out, “I love you Milo. I really really do. But I can’t keep pretending like I can be with you,” I said through shaky breaths. I couldn’t bring myself to meet his gaze, I was too embarrassed. He titled my head up to meet a soft, understanding smile and brushed the tears running down my face with his thumb
“I get it,” he said softly, “I’m here until you’re ready.”
I buried my face into his chest and wrapped my arms around him. I’m not supposed to feel the way I do for him, but I know I love him. I know because I hang onto his every word. His smile is etched into my brain and he makes me feel lighter. He is kind and gentle and everything that I need, but I know that what we have is wrong in the eyes of so many. I hate the power of the world's perception as much as I hate how much it has affected me. Tears of sadness and anger pour out and I hold Milo tighter. For once, I was grateful for the superstition around Black Sand Beach. There were no onlookers. There was no one to see the demon holding a human in his arms. More than that though, there was no one to see the two boys embracing in the water. 
I apologize for it being pretty face paced, but I hope that is still somewhat of an enjoyable read. If there is anyone willing to give feedback I would love any kind!


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  • Starlitskies

    Awwwww this is so sweet and adorable and yes yes yes I rlly enjoyed reading it! The characters seem so loveable and the dialogue flows smoothly. I need more of this! :)

    10 months ago