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April 30, 2015



Anyone remember that time when we were told we should be careful about we post? Yeah, I agree with that, but if we can't write about what we want, why are we doing this? It's called free writing because you can write about what you want in whatever format you want. That last little paragraph that I wrote, somebody actually favorited it. I don't care who did, I mean thanks, but it doesn't matter who favorited it. The point is, somebody liked it.  Now free writing should be called United States writing. And when do I have to change my name after this has been read? I guess that's not free either. For these "Free Writing" prompts, there isn't a limit on words that you have to type in each essay. I could literally stop here and continue in another essay. You can stop after 2 sentences! This is not a tough assignment. Unless you can't write whatever you want. After all has been said, I'm going to write what I want.


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