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"take me with you, finished thing"
"too dizzying to love anywhere
but from a distance"

have an ineffable day!


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thanks to paisley blue, rwong, wisp, and crystalline galaxies for all the love and support.

scribble chums with remi'sgotinkstains, useless :), and Starlitskies.

i think i'm a broken umbrella?

take a deep breath and
let tomorrow dissolve
into today;

stardust ii.

November 10, 2020



until/the universe will claim me/as her child/and i will leave/
                        the womb of the milky way/and travel farther/
into my mother's/warm arms/
                        we will be/one once more/

what do you think as you read this? plz enlighten me! things to change and improve?

here is stardust i. if you missed it.

how all y'all doing? tell me something! life updates, random facts, thoughts, fears, dreams, anything! much love and keep on being you! <3<3<3


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  • November 10, 2020 - 8:25pm (Now Viewing)

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  • anemoia (#words)

    sleeping at last is incredible, i have to listen to this more of this inspiration you speak of. and this, the loveliness... the idea of the universe as mother... mirkat, you are a gem

    6 months ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    Replying- Thank you so much, I totally will :), okay I'll stop spamming this piece now

    6 months ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    Replying- I suppose it does keep my heart up and running at 5 a.m. when they decide to go looking for trouble, interesting is better than nothing. Any ghost at all is a nice remembrance that the world can be supernatural right under our noses..

    6 months ago
  • pyrrhic

    re: thank you so much! the same goes for you <33 even though we've never met, i'm always here! :)

    6 months ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    I love the whole mother/daughter thing, it's really sweet. I'm pretty chill, jamming to my AJR.
    Replying- Ghosts are chill with me, my room is haunted (and say I'm crazy, I'm not being funny.) so I get used to it. Smiles, it's good to have each others' back, I'll try to keep my footing :)

    6 months ago
  • JustAnotherDarling

    i want this framed in my writing room. literally g o r g e o u s <3
    it's going well for me; how are you?

    6 months ago
  • Rose A(hiatus)

    This was great! I'm glad you decided to make this a collection. Things are going pretty well for me. I've been a little stressed b/c of my great-grandma(probably not for the reasons you think, she's fine), but I'm peachy. As for my random thoughts, I can't stop thinking about a piece LindytheRavenclaw wrote about cheese. It really does taste different in different shapes!

    6 months ago
  • lochnessie


    6 months ago
  • (sk)eyesofocher

    Ahhhhhh so pretyyyyyyyy
    Re:ahaha go check out my other piece, cheddar cheese XD It has a joke

    6 months ago
  • katnissromanoff

    Wow, I really liked this. As I read this I pictured a beautiful galaxy with a constellation that almost looked like a welcoming mother. Weird, I know, but this poem was stunning. I'm doing pretty well, nothing out of the ordinary has really happened recently. How about you?

    6 months ago
  • rwong

    ahhhhh what do i sayyyy?? its beautiful <3 lol life's going...fine i guess pretty basic how are you?? <3

    6 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    I LOVE the flow from the last one to this one!! Wow, this is so good. Wow. Um. Wow. Yeah. "the womb of the milky way" is my favorite line--it's so real but also... imaginative? yeah. not sure that makes sense, but oh well. All the lines in this are beautiful. Cant wait to read the next one!!! :D

    6 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    <3333 gonna go check out #1 now :))

    6 months ago
  • pyrrhic

    I LOVE THIS. the way it just continues from the last one?? it's amazing! i also love the formatting! "the womb of the milky way/and travel farther/into my mother's/warm arms/" i love this line, especially.

    6 months ago