Hayley Reimer


Meant To Be

November 17, 2020

It was a bright starry night. The summer breeze blew softly though the trees as the crickets in the tall grass chirped quietly. There were no city noises or bright lights, just the quiet calm of the meadow. Ophelia watched as a firefly blinked its lights and another firefly nearby responded. She was a young writer and she had just gotten her first book published. She decided to take a break for a while and clear her mind. Ophelia had always wanted to move back into the cabin she grew up in. When her parents died she was forced to live with her aunt Regina in California. The house was eventually sold and a new family moved in. She finally bought it back this year and was ecstatic as she packed her things and left her aunt. She decided that she wanted to start fresh, have a new beginning. 
When Ophelia awoke, she decided to make a list of things she had to do. The previous owners had made quite a bit of changes to the original design of the house and she didn't like a lot of them. She started with the parents room, which they had painted dark red. She went to a nearby town and picked up some white paint for the walls. As she was paying for her stuff, she noticed that she was getting a lot of strange looks. At first they seemed sympathetic, but then she realized that they were cold and angry. Ophelia grew increasingly uncomfortable and quickly paid for her things and went home.
When she came home she saw that the door was unlocked and it had been left open. Alarmed, Ophelia slowly walked into the house. To her surprise, there was a tall dark haired teenage boy sitting on her sofa! The boy took one look at her, jumped off the sofa and booked it up the stairs. Ophelia quickly ran after him. When she finally caught up she found him hiding in her closet. She closed the door behind her and slowly walked to the closet.
Before she could get there, the boy came out crying. Ophelia was overtaken with pity. She led him to the kitchen where she made him a cup of peppermint tea and helped him calm himself down. When the boy stopped crying, she asked him his name. He said his name is Jack and that he had run away from home. His parents had just died and he was sent to live with his ill-mannered, barbaric relatives. Ophelia felt a great deal of pity for the boy and told him he could stay in the old kids bedroom. As she made supper she got to know Jack as he told her his story. He was from the nearby town and he had just received word of his parents fatal plane crash. When he heard about how he was moving in with his horrible relatives, he panicked and ran to what he thought was a vacation house. Thats when she had come in and he thought she was going to call the cops. That is why he ran. He thanked her for her hospitality and she sent him to bed to get some rest after such a long day. Ophelia went to bed shortly after. When she awoke she followed an amazing scent to the kitched and found Jack making breakfast. Jack explained that before his parents died, they had owned a restaurant and his dad had taught him how to cook. Ophelia decided right then and there that Jack was not going to be any touble and she told him he could stay as long as he likes. 
Over the next few days, Jack helped her get the house back to how she liked it. Jack explained that the people in town didn't like her because she had moved into a house that was supposed to be taken down to make room for a new grocery store. Jack told her not to worry and that the town was going to have to quit being a baby and just build their store somewhere else. 
Jack was a good helper and he never complained. They took turns making supper and Ophelia even bought him some new clothes. After they had been living toether for almost a year, Jack brought up the suggestion of getting a dog. He said he had always wanted one and he would take care of it and clean up after it. Ophelia eventually caved and got him his dog, on the condition that she got to name it. She bought him a baby german shepherd and named him Max. Jack took excellent care of max and even built him his own little bed in his room. 
One day after getting home from work, Jack wasn't there. She called throughout the house, he still did not respond. She waited till midnight when he finally came home. She ran to the door and greeted him. She told Jack how worried she was and Jack apologized multiple times, saying that he hadn't been trying to worry her. When Jack had finally calmed Ophelia down he led her outside to the backyard. He had gone and bought her a small puppy. She was overjoyed and thanked him. Jack explained that he had noticed how much she liked Max and needed a dog of her own to keep her company when he left. Jack told her how he had found out he could go live with his grandparents and that he was leaving the next day. 
The day Jack was set to leave was very tearful, Jack couldn't bring himself to leave and decided to call his grandparents and tell them he had found someone to live with. They said that they were sad he couldn't come, but they understood. Ophelia was overwhelmed with joy. 
Jack and Ophelia were content. Ophelia decided that moving back to her childhood home was the best thing she had ever done. 


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