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Which one is it?

November 9, 2020


Am I turning into the person you hate most in the whole world, 
Or do you love me and need me like a flower loves and needs the sun?

Do I bring pain to your life everyday,
Or am I your reason to smile and get through the longest of days?

Am I a failure and a disappointment, 
Or am I a hard worker that makes mistakes that you'll forgive?

Which is it?

I love you,
A promise I always will,
I admit,
My love has faltered for you
In the past,
But it won't,
Not anymore. 

I love you, 
More than the moon loves the stars,
Or than the pencil loves the paper,
More than the leaves love dancing in the wind,
But I need to know,
I need you to tell me,

Do you love me?

Do I make you happy?

Am I enough for you?

Do I make you happy or sad?

Which one is it?

Tell me. 



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