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The Drones of Mystery

November 17, 2020

Joe woke up to an insect resting on his face. He threw it off onto the floor and scrambled to his feet, almost tripping over a pile of books he had left on the floor. He wondered why the bug was so heavy. He quickly grabbed a jar and placed it on top of the insect, and then placed a bottle of glue on top of the jar. The insect seemed pretty strong, and he didn’t want it to escape. He checked the clock. It was 6am, but it was Saturday, so he didn’t have school that day. 
    Joe slipped a paper under the jar and carried it to his desk. He turned on a lamp and started observing the bug. He liked to observe bugs just to see what kinds were living in his house.
The most obvious thing he immediately noticed was that the bug wasn’t an actual bug. It was a robot. Small wires ran all around the drone’s body. A tank full of light iridescent liquid was attached near the abdomen of the robot. The eyes looked like cameras, which meant that someone was watching him.
 Joe quickly picked up the jar and took it to the bathroom, where he filled the jar with water. The drone eventually stopped buzzing around and fell limp. He took the disabled drone out of the water and started taking it apart in case he could see who made it. He didn't find any names in it, but he did notice that the legs of the bug were slowly pulling towards the body. 
The drone was reassembling itself! Joe was too much in shock to stop it. It reassembled itself, stood up, and flew into the air as if nothing had happened. Joe quickly caught it in his hands and smashed it against the wall. The drone was instantly crushed. He looked at his hand and saw a few pieces of metal as well as a drop of the liquid. He put down the metal and washed his hands. 
Joe was still worried about who had sent the bug, but he figured it must have been some kind of a prank from his friends. Why would anyone be spying on him? He thought about telling his parents, but both of them were on business trips, and he was currently at home alone. 
A few days later, Joe had completely forgotten about the incident. But the next weekend, he found another drone bug in his house. It was around noon. This time he didn’t destroy the bug. Instead, he pretended not to notice it and continued his daily tasks while still keeping an eye on it. After a while, when Joe went outside really quick to water the plants, he saw the drone slip out of the door and fly towards the woods. He tried to follow it, but he had already lost sight of the tiny drone in all of the trees. He sighed in frustration. He decided he would be prepared for the next time.
That night, he went digging through an old box. He was pretty sure the camera was in there. He pulled out the tiny camera. The camera was from a science project he had made a long time ago. He plugged it into the charger. 
The next day, he saw a bug on the wall, near the place where he usually hung up his coat. This was the perfect opportunity. He walked up to it and pretended to be looking at his coat, but he was actually hooking up the camera. He carefully grabbed the drone and tied the camera around it with a thin string. The camera was placed so that whoever was controlling the drone would not be able to see it. He would soon know whether the drone was here to help him… or harm him. 


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  • nolongeractive

    This piece is just so magnificent and I am obsessed with the word choice and deep meaning, you really are very talented and I cannot wait to see what else you come up with!

    30 days ago