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The People I Work With

April 4, 2021


Location-My work


Hello there Friend!  --(grins widely)--
  - I've asked you here because I wanted to tell you about all the people I work with   //

~:: See that guy over there, with the blond hair?
  - That's Anthony, he's one of the most amazing people I know
  - He has to be gay by the way he talks and acts, he's like a father, he cares for everyone and likes to make sure we're okay
  - He's my manager, and a good one at that  --(smiles)--    //

~:: Do you see the girl with the long brown plaited hair, and the glasses?
  - That's Georgia, we don't talk much but I see her
  - She has a habit of chain buying packets of Mentos  --(laughs)--  only the fruit one though   //

~:: The blond chick standing next to her? Oh that's Haidee
  - When I first started working she didn't talk to me  --(small corner smile)--
  - I was told she was a lesbian, which I can see
  - She talks to me now, mostly about how concerned or worried I look  --(looks down)--
  - I like she might have found someone special, someone who makes her feel amazing
  - I just look her wide framed glasses  --(looks up)--    //

~:: The tall lanky boy is Vincent, he's my age
  - He's very kind and talks a lot, but it's fine because I like to listen
  - He likes making sure I'm okay  --(giggles)--  he's pretty funny too
  - Though he can't pack for shit   //

~:: Now Ellen is the short lady with the really pretty hair
  - She's quite quiet but she's good with the customers
  - She hums sometimes when she works, I like that
  - I keeps me calm  --(eyes water)--  It's nice   //

~:: You see the bigger guy with the kind face  --(waves hand)--
  - His name is Jared, now don't get him confused with the other Jared
  - He's pretty cool, we have the same amount of social awkwardness  --(laughs)--
- It's pretty funny really, afterwards   //

~:: Jade, she's a really beautiful person
  - We don't talk much, and to others she seems like a bit of a fake
  - But the thing is she just has to hind her true purpose
  - She's a protector, like me, I don't like talking to her
  - But I like being around her, she has a fight she's willing to put to good use  --(blank stare)--   //

~:: The guy who just walked in, that's Daniel
  - Him and I have a very weird relationship
  - Do you ever get really nervous around good looking people, not because you have a crush on them
  - But because their looks are so intimidating  --(scrunches nose)--
  - He's one of those, and to make it worse, he always smells so good   //

~:: See the girl with the cap and bun, that's Mackenzie
  - She always has the most amazing makeup
  - She's very quiet, almost mousy, but I like her she's the strongest female in the whole store
  - She has the kindest eyes  --(smiles to themselves)-- 
- Every time I see her she just looks so beautiful, she's just a beautiful person   //

~:: Mackenzie is like the female version of Jack
  - Jack is the guy in the cap  --(nods to the right)--  over there
  - He shaved his head that's why he wears the cap
  - The way he talks to you makes you feel like your the most important person it the world
  - He's quite an interesting person himself  --(squints eyes)--  I used to feel safe   //

~:: Now the other Jared is kind of like the big hippie brother of the store
  - Why did I say hippie?  --(look of confusion)--  he's spiritual, very down to earth
  - He's good at reading people, good at knowing people
  - He's very kind and helped me out a lot when I first started 
  - He's a good guy  --(small smile)--     //

~:: Let's move on  --(walks though store)--
  -  --(starts dancing)--  See that lady over there dancing back? That's Steph
  - She is probably my favourite person in the whole store
  - We spend the most time together, 4 hours every Wednesday
  - She's amazing for me, she helps me through things I've struggled with
  - She's helping me find myself, and I'm very thankful for thank  --(looks down trying not to cry)--     //

~:: The guy sitting down over there writing? That's Stu
  - He works too hard, he deserves a good life but I'm not sure he will get it
  - He's pretty funny, and good at keeping me on track
  - When ever he thinks something is going bad he'll say and we fix it, or he protects me
  - I like working with him, because of the time we spend together I know him well enough
  - But it makes asking questions very interesting  --(bites lip)--     //

~:: And for the last, Brayden
  - He was the first person I worked with and he was very kind to me
  - I was very worried to work there but he made it easy for me
  -  --(small smile)--  He made me laugh and it was nice
  - After that when we worked he would always ask how I'd been
  - Making sure I was okay, he's a good guy  //

~:: So that's all the people I work with
  - I hope you can learn to idle them like I do

These people are real people from my work and I love them all, they make me feel safe at work, they always will <3
I hope u love them too


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  • bhumi

    re : I like that idea!

    27 days ago
  • Ava Marie

    This is a really cool piece!! I really enjoyed reading it, the descriptions of all these people aren't super detailed, but they give just enough information that you feel like you know their personality's. I absolutely love this concept too, do you mind if I steal it?

    about 1 month ago