My name is Daniela, I'm a young writer trying to I guess expand my horizons and continue my drive as a writer? I want to try and pursue a career in writing not just in words but, other mediums too.

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The Light Within A Star (Prologue)

November 23, 2020

"If I died what would you do?"
Cless asked Triss as she was drawing on the cave walls with her chalk.
"Why would you die?" Triss responded not looking at Cless as she continued her mural.
"I'm not saying I would die. I'm just saying if I did die what would you do?"
Triss grabbed the yellow chalk, beginning to draw a circle and color it in. "I dunno."
Cless grew quiet and looked away from Triss, staring down at the black rocky ground. It was no surprise that eventually Cless would pass on from this world as the sickness in his body began to eat away at him from the inside and reach his soul. It wasn't uncommon for these things to happen. For a star to be born with the Curse. It was sort of like a human plague. It would infect the star from the inside and out. It would begin to take the light away from the star and dim it little by little until finally the star would break and collapse. It wasn't spreadable though, nor was it curable. Usually, the Curse wouldn't be able to kill a star right away, it takes almost a few decades before the star will die. However, for Cless it was different. He was already in his thousands and his light had already started to dim. It wouldn't be long before the Curse was seen through the luminosity of his arms and legs, his chest and face, his heart and eventually his soul. He could feel the Curse tug away at him and with the Curse the thoughts of how unfair it was that he was destined to die rose. He was just a kid, yet this is all life had to offer him? A few thousand years and then he dies before his first decade? How was that right?
Triss finally put the chalk down, staring at the mural she had finished: a sunset over an ocean. She looked over at Cless who continued to stare blankly into the ground as his thoughts blurred his vision. Triss flicked his forehead causing him to flinch and look over.
"What do you think?" She asked moving over a bit so he could see her creation.
Cless blinked slightly, collecting his thoughts and trying to throw away the negatives that clouded his judgement. "It looks good."
Triss stared at him and then looked over at her mural. She then sighed and properly faced him and grabbed his hands. He stared back at her in silence, confused slightly at what she was doing.
"Cless you're not going to die. Not another few decades. You'll be fine."
"But what if I'm not?" Cless' eyes immediately built up tears. "What if I die before I'm supposed to? Every day, I can feel it building up inside me little by little. Every day I can see myself dimming more and more. I'm dying, Triss. I'm dying and I don't know what I'm supposed to do."
Triss frowned and hugged Cless tightly. Cless began to cry into her digging his face in her shoulder as the tears just poured out with no plans of stopping. Triss continued to hug Cless, also crying quietly to herself as they sat in a warm embrace. Eventually, after some time passed the two had finished crying and were now just holding each other. They got up cleaning their faces, making sure they were as dry as possible and began to leave the cave hand in hand together.
As the two walked down the path to their homes, Triss looked at Cless. "Cless?" 
"We should leave the islands one day."
"Leave the islands?"
"Before you die. To explore the other worlds."
Cless looked outwards, watching the sky line as the sun was setting over the ocean. He never thought about exploring other worlds. He never wanted to. He felt there was no point since in the end it would all be for nothing. Yet, hearing Triss offer it, hearing her say 'we' rather than 'you' warmed his heart in a way. It made him feel better that if he was to agree he wouldn't be alone. He could experience these memories with someone who could hold them for decades to come and retell them. He could die yet not be alone once it happens. This made him smile.
"If we were to leave, where would we go?" Cless asked.
"Anywhere." Triss stated. "We keep going. We explore as many as we can before you die. We'll take pictures and videos. I'll save it all in a hard drive and that way it'll never be forgotten. No matter the time, place or setting, our memories will always be there."
Cless teared up slightly seeing how determined Triss was to have these memories. He smiled and nodded. "Alright! Then let's do it. When we're both at 3,000, okay?"
Triss nodded back. "Okay!"
The two then split up at the fork of the road, waving goodbye to each other happily as they began to head home. Cless walked happily feeling for the first time ever an unending happiness that couldn't be destroyed.
That was until he felt an excruciating pain in his chest. He gripped it tightly, seeing his hand begin to dim. Cless felt utter despair and his eyes filled up with tears. "No..."
Before Cless could keep moving his vision went black and the world before his eyes was gone.

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  • lavendr

    NO! Don't go, Cless! He's just a kid...let him live! I really like how this piece is written, though. You're a talented writer!!

    over 1 year ago
  • BlueWolf

    But... No... No... But he's so young. :_( I enjoyed this but it was so sad. They didn't get to explore the world together! Great writing.

    over 1 year ago