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Eternal Happiness

November 17, 2020

Nina's smile vanished when she spotted that streak of yellow-green hair.
Judy. That traitor.
They wore the gray T-Shirts, masks, and wristbands of the Naturalists; blending in amidst the soaring complexes and somber sky, swarming before the purple-plus-sign buildings. She'd numbed herself to their shrieks long ago; waving cheerfully from her platform, watching the robots spray down the horde of protestors. 

She silently gulped her fifth cup of CALM-omile Tea. She’d used up the last packet in her leather jacket pocket, but her heart was still pounding in her chest. Maybe she’d need another cup. 
Especially since she was getting a horrible migrane from all the screaming. 

"We Choose Our Emotions!"
"Real Happiness is FOUND, not made!"
"FeelYourWay Will NEVER Stay!"

Her sales had been booming for the past month, and the idiots still hadn’t given up. Honestly, she could’ve gotten corporate to do more about the protests, but in a way, she saw it as free publicity. She knew that people were turning to her products to relieve themselves from the chaos.  

But she didn’t think that Judy would ever betray her by becoming a part of that crowd.

"Judy! How wonderful it is to see you again!" Nina proclaimed with practiced joy- yanking her into an alley hidden from the SmilePolice cameras, which rotated in every direction as the robots dragged groups of people away by their fingertips. 
"What on Earth are you doing here? When did you become one of them?"

Judy's nostrils flared. "FeelYourWay has gone too far. Even as your sister, I can't keep condoning your crazy inventions."
Ouch. Nina couldn’t believe how much it stung — her own sister critcizing her life’s work.
"So you came to crush my dreams?" Nina snapped. She felt her fingers reach for her hair, fidgeting with the little strands to combat her rising anger.
"Did you dream about the Norweigian government weaponizing your Feel+ doses to blind their citizens from reality?”
“Kohlolan citizens were an emotional mess before the control my drugs brought!”
“Did you dream about getting people addicted? To the point where they have seizures after minutes without their next dose?”
"I've dropped Europe's depression rates to 0.0001%. I've brightened thousands of lives-" 
"Cut your stupid act!" Judy begged, teary-eyed. "You've been bought into silence, but the Nina I knew had feelings. She'd have cared when she saw her people suffering. She would have stopped her work."
Nina scowled. "I used my work to end Kohlola’s suffering — to free people from their sadness and despair! With FeelYourWay, Kohlola is now the City of Eternal Happiness!”

Judy's gaze was firm. In one smooth arc, she pulled out a syringe and stabbed her sister in the shoulder. Nina gasped, crippled by nausea as the rosy world melted. 

For the first time, she glimpsed the garbage and rust on the winding metal streets. The lavender scent dissipated, revealing a choking haze of smoke, obscuring the distant snow-capped mountains from view. Kohlola lake — the Bradburys' favourite summer spot — had become a sickly green, plastic and bones washing upshore. Nina watched the massive lines outside each of the city’s purple-plus-sign stores with horror; glass-eyed people shoving for the last few flasks, scrounging for sparkling credits to get the next Feel+ fix. 

Did- did I do this?

“The neutralizer. It was developed by the rebellion’s scientists. And it shows us the truth.
"Nina - that is the real Kohlola. It's lost everything we used to love.
"And if you don't wake up to the harm you're causing, you're going to lose me too."

It was the first time she'd seen the new Judy… fierce and assertive — miles ahead of the whimpering child who grasped her favourite armadillo plushie, quivering with her panic attack. The child who'd believed in Nina's dreams when she’d made the bold choice to run away and pursue a career in neuroscience and mental health, against her parents’ wishes. 

The child who Nina had sworn to help with her scientific work—

Who was now turning her back, stepping into the crowd to rejoin her fight.
Judy swiveled around.
“Tell me more about the Rebellion. Please."
And she felt the stirring of an emotion she hadn’t felt in years. Hope.


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  • don't you see the starlight (#TS)

    WOW. This is not only a stunning idea (and a frightening one, I admit) but well executed and super intriguing! I want to read more! It's a perfect cliffhanger, too. Best of luck!

    11 months ago