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November 30, 2020


it starts at night
the twisting 
hunger to be hungry
feel a feeling 
know it’s real
feeling empty is better
can’t stand to feel
like nothing.

it seeps into the day
the burning
hunger to be hungry
see a body 
in the mirror
that i just
can’t stand to look at.

it circles into eyes
the choking
hunger to be hungry
shout at me to eat
angry at me
i control me
your anger doesn’t move me.

it slithers into my mind
the writhing 
hunger to be hungry
essays piling up
the words
melting right before me
can’t think
can’t focus when I’m empty.

it isolates us
me and the smothering
hunger to be hungry
can’t trust the voices
they don’t know us 
not like i do
they don’t know what’s best
what makes it feel best
this hunger to be hungry.

it ends with words
this awful
hunger to be hungry
i know it does
i know i know
but the words just can’t
escape me
i know just what
i need to do
but this 
hunger to be hungry
is twisting and it’s burning and it’s choking and it’s writhing and it’s smothering and it’s awful
this hunger to be hungry.

a little depressing but it’s nice to vent :) 
it doesn’t flow all that well so i’ll probably edit it some time but for now here it is i guess

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  • L.G Turner

    Re: tysm! And yes that’s a good idea!!

    10 months ago
  • Just_A_Memory

    OoO You might want to add a Trigger Warning in there, just in case, but it's really good! I have a friend who struggles with this, and I mean, I don't starve myself, but I won't eat a lot because I'm really not happy with how I look, but you know. We all just need to learn that our own bodies are beautiful.

    11 months ago