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Miss Valentine and Her Attic Domain

November 9, 2020

Write about a possum, living in an attic.

Miss Valentine knew it was day, when the golden shafts of light no longer spilled across the planks and dwindled away over the horizon. Night for humans, day for possums. She stretched languidly, and tumbled from her makeshift, potato-sack hammock. The house owners had forgotten about these particular potatoes, which had sprouted and blossomed into a little forest of shoots. Miss Valentine smiled her sharp, toothy grin - the one she conserved for Fridays (when the house denizens would leave for romantic dinners) and the days she found particularly crunchy spiders. 

Today wasn't a Friday, unfortunately, and she heard snores rising up from the bedroom below. But there was a particularly crunchy spider scuttling across the dusty floor, and Miss Valentine watched it go, her sharp smile sharpening, gleaming in the semi-darkness. BlinkBlink-blinkPounce! Wiggling her pink nose and pink tail happily, Miss Valentine chowed down, and heard the satisfying crunch of spider legs disintegrating beneath her incisors. She helped herself to a couple more spiders, a bag of moldy chips, and a dead earwig she'd stowed in a cracked teacup, before flopping over to the windowsill. 

Perched precariously on a stack of yellowed books, Miss Valentine watched the moon. Tonight, it was full and bright, and cast its silver beams through the attic panes. Faint wisps of clouds were stirring softly, and a quiet breeze, tinged with the scent of insect exoskeletons, whistled through the gaps in the windowsill. Miss Valentine nestled down on the scratched cover of The Great Gatsby. Her ears twitched, and a contented sigh slipped between her white teeth and curled in the air like a translucent question mark. Peace, quiet, seren- 

Downstairs, a baby wailed. As the snores ceased and the lights beamed on below, Miss Valentine huffed indignantly. She dived into her hammock, hid amongst the potato shoots, and attempted to muffle the excruciating screams. Here's to another restless day. 
A cute take on the possum prompt! 


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  • seaomelette

    RE: AHA, possumbly, I'll definitely find a way to sneak that word in a group chat somewhere

    3 months ago
  • Minvra

    I don't know why, but the first thing I think of seeing the word possum is "possumbly..."

    3 months ago